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Good post. That is hilarious how one of the fire guys made the lumberjack-sueing-stihl analogy.
Schools aren't the same as they used to be. Used to take a secretary and a Principal, now the administrtors almost out number the teachers.

I got sentenced to two weeks of table washing when I was 8 for stealing a nickel milk. Lunch lady said it was bullshit, and let me go to recess. Principal did not like me very well, a trend that would continue through college.

We have been trying to get a weekend food program started for the grade school. Lots of kids with shitty parents who buy drugs, booze and smartphones instead of food for their kids. We are trying to get a program together to give these kids some food for the weekend, they come to school on Monday pretty thin in the skin, all the food they get is at school during the week.

Not sure how to get it going and make sure the kids that get it that need it. Some well off families take advantage of the programs out of cheapness and laziness.
Skating perilously close to socialism, there, Jim!
Better watch out.
That is the part that you don't get, Jimster.
What we have here IS free will socialism.
If it wasn't we'd change it to something else.
We live in a democracy.
Ther may be a minority thathates the way it is, but that is the way od democrcy.

I wouldn't change it for the " Bread and circuses" kind of "democracy" that you have, that is for sure.
You dont get thrown in jail if you dont pay your high taxes?

I agree that you guys have a pretty good system, sounds like your debt to GDP is getting a bit worse though.

For me personally, Sanders scares the shit out of me. Some of his ideas are okay, but the changes he wants to make will not be able to be made without massive corruption, inflation, and a giant increase in bureaucracy. You will get a new agency that takes 2 bucks to distribute 1 dollar. Oh, well.
Jim, I have some good friends who started a very successful program here. Sending a PM...
Yeah, I guess a huge underground storage complex for natural gas is leaking and sending up quite a lot of gas.

They cant get the gas stopped around the well head, so they are going to try and drill next to the old well and kill it from underneath. I assume they will cement the old well closed at the bottom.
No, keep on keeping on jim. Just wasn't clear if the Iranian thing was connected to socialism. But I see it was just a bit of interesting news. Don't mind me.
No, keep on keeping on jim. Just wasn't clear if the Iranian thing was connected to socialism. But I see it was just a bit of interesting news. Don't mind me.

Haha, okay Kevin.

I will resume broadcasting as usual.......

I wonder what the back story is Chris. I would like to believe there is a reason, but anymore I guess there doesn't have to be.
Jim, its hard to see that story in context without being privy to the tactics of Australias current ruling regime. As much as I would like to think there is a relevant backstory I'm more inclined to believe its just another example of the government treating non whites/muslims quite harshly, its been quite systematic and ties in nicely with their narrative of what they want the population to believe are important issues. As long as they can keep border protection/terrorism in focus they can obfuscate and distract from the tougher issues...