In Praise of 3-Strand


Jul 28, 2007
Gilmanton, N.H.
So I wonder, how many of you guys still splice 3-strand?

It's still one of my favorite ropes to splice and there's so many cool rope tools that you can make with it.

The late Brion Toss and the late Norm Hall were my splicing mentors and I owe them both so much for the time and effort that they put in to teaching those skills to me.
I love splicing (some)3strand! I can actually do it, and though I'm probably missing some finer points in making a really nice splice, I can make a functional splice. Treemaster is a bastard though. I still haven't done what I'd consider a nice splice in that.
Yup, i splice everything, even wire (grommets are "easy" in wire and are super handy). But 3 strand is unparalleled with its versatility of splices, and the rope tools you can make with it are sweet. I still run 3 strand for my construction work positioning lanyard, and have either an eye or a backsplice on all the ropes at work which are of course all manilla. I would love for them to get some treemaster for there, but i will occasionally bring in an old hank of arborplex that I've designated as a construction job rope if having it would make my life easier that day, which goes through multipart blocks better anyways because it doesn't twist as much so it works out ok. But i love 3 strand and will continue to use it in both trees and work, it suits my needs just wonderfully for a lot of applications.
The ropes for my Maasdams, both for the eyes and to repair one after an idiot cut it in two ( low profile inline splice, a bit fat though, but still works in the drum with some attention).
My multipurpose slings carried all the time on my saddle, made with PP rope from the local hardware store. A four strands actually.
I'm kind of an old hand at it .Fact the first submarine I was on I eye spiced all 8 mooring lines which were 2 inch 3 strand nylon .The largest I personally own are 1" 3 strand nylon . Two 600 foot reels and one 300 foot reel on wire spools .