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Hey! Is it really you that logged in?
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Wondering the same thing. Did anyone at the House ever try to send him a PM? I would have thought that this was huge news. Tim.

P.S. Hey, Jay! If you are ok, could you make a post to let us all know? Or if someone else close to him found his login data, maybe you could tell us all something about his situation? Thanks in advance for any consideration.
Hey Gerry, thank you for doing what you do. I’m in south east Virginia and it’s a challenge to find a mentor in this area but your books and all the other resources have helped me learn grow and stay safe. Only in my second year of climbing. What you and Patrick Masterson have done with bringing the fundamentals back have been a huge blessing to the new arborists. God bless you sir!
Damn, when do you sleep John? Lol.
Soon. Got wired out tonight. I'm usually sleeping long before this. Got past feeling tired, and now I'm laying in bed playing with my phone. Starting to feel it though.
Hey there Jim,

Got to talking with a musician in/from Montana and was wondering what town/city you might be closest to that's on the map.
He lives in the mountains, and if I recall correctly there are some not too far from you.

I guessed Chinook, but wasn't sure (Dunn & Bradstreet: Conrad Farms, owner Richard Conrad, inc. 1995)?

hope you're all doing well,

Yep, thats us Dave. Chinook.

North Central Montana.

Where is your friend from?
Red Lodge - south central above Yellowstone Park.
My folks were just in Redlodge.

Busy area!

Redlodge is straight south of me about 270 miles I think.

5 hours?
what's the best way to replace a worn rubber band from a big shot? easy to take off........not that easy to put on
hey Gerry thanks for writing such a great book, I keep it around me all day. as a new guy starting out it has provided me with help and advice when I needed it so thanks again. see ya around Zayen
Hey Gerry I just wanna say I got the fundamentals of tree work and it is amazing. I appreciate all you have done for the industry. Cheers and thank you!!
Yes, sir it has been. Working and also working on getting my tree bizz going. How is the weather up there?
Thanks, sounds great. I will hopefully take you up on that at some point. Please feel free to do the same if you're in my area.
I live in Florence. If you ever come this way and want to get together for a beer and bs, let me know :)
Hey Cody,

I'm in Belgrade, mostly work in Bozeman down to West Yellowstone, Ennis and Virginia City areas. How about yourself?

Hey Randy, I hope all is well with you. I'm looking to buy a new 201t and have it modded. Do you buy new saws, mod them and resell or just work on saws sent to you? What mods would you recommend for that saw and what do you charge? Thanks, Ray
I appreciate your knowledgable comments Jomo— good feelings from you....
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