What Are You Drinking Tonight?

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Very peaty!. It's at the upper end of the typical range on par with Laphroaig. I usually save these for rainy days, but it felt right tonight despite the lack of precip.
Yeah, I like a lot of things but I'm still evaluating peat in my diet. It seems to repeat too much afterwards ie. burping it up?
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I could see that I guess, but it doesn't give me problems. The flavor lingers a good while in my mouth, and I suppose my nose, but I consider that a feature. Have to be in the mood though. Islay whisky isn't usually a warm weather whisky. It goes better with harsh weather. An exception is Bowmore. That's a little sweeter, and kind of tastes like summer at the shore.
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@stig sent me a brandy sampler from Switzerland last week. He suggested I try it in a wine flute with a teaspoon of sugar and coffee. That sounded good, but I wanted to use my good whole bean coffee and my French press. Since I use a handcranked mill to grind coffee, it wasn't a good idea with my back screwed up. Well, tonight was the night I gave it a try. I just used my coffee mug instead of a wine flute, but I otherwise followed stig's instructions(cut the sugar a smidge).

It's quite good! I didn't fill my mug all the way, but I probably should've backed off a touch more. It's reminiscent of something, but I can't put my finger on it. It's a nostalgic sensation, but I don't know from what/where. A nice medium coffee base with fruit overtones, and no strong alcohol on the nose. It's 40% alcohol, but doesn't put off the vapors something like Irish whiskey does. Very refined.

Thank you stig. It's very appreciated!

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Second one I've had, this time neat...


I'm impressed with these so far. Fruit brandies aren't super common over here, and tend to be around the bottom shelf. IOW, they're cheap, and they taste cheap, with lots of sugar. This is fairly dry with a pleasing almond note that lingers a long time. I'll have to try a native apple brandy some time. That's historically traditional, and it might be better than I imagined. They aren't that expensive, even the ones that are packaged nicely, and don't look like they're geared towards kids or the ghetto.
Good that you like them, John.
Eventually I'll find the rarest one and send it to you.

Made from the fermented and distilled roots of blue Gentian.
There are only 2 small distilleries in Schweiz that still make it.
No luck so far, but eventually I'll find it.
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Got this from the grocery outlet yesterday...


It's pretty good. A little sweet, but a nice non alcoholic dessert drink. I love that store. They get a bunch of interesting stuff at below market prices. Downside is once it's gone, it's usually gone for good, but they have new stuff to look at every week.