Wall of Shame: Wannabe Experts

I'm sure you west coasters can ID that tree. My uneducated guess in D fir or Redwood
I am trying to wrap my head around that one. They were planning on dumping the top on the roof all along? Anybody else see that.
I didn't try to analyze it.

Scrolling thru that feed you'll see some bad treework incidents plus one where a woman was walking thru a mall area when a large palm broke in half and landed on her causing instant death I'm sure.
For sure.

What made it break? A little wind? Or maybe just some virtually invisible straw breaking the camel's back?
Some times time is the trigger… what causes a dead tree to finally fall over? Time and rot…

Have you seen the one where the indoor ficus tree (stubbed out stump stick) falls on the guy in the sushi bat?
Shows no roots at all…. Inspect your trees within the public realm…. Or don’t and pay up.
They didn’t.
It’s like the time I watched an outfit butt catching a top off of a 60 ton. They had plenty of stick just idiots I guess.