This fellow ate several bicycles, a Cessna airplane, many grocery carts, etc.


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Aug 23, 2008
Wasn't sure where to put this. Coulda gone in the Sustenance thread, lol. Or in the Articles thread but I feared it might not be widely seen there.

Years ago I'd heard about a guy who ate a bike and now finding this article I guess I found the guy himself and he didn't stop at eating just one bike.

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Maybe he liked the attention or was obsessed with getting enough fiber. :/:
He's not the only character to pull that stunt off over the years.

And with every one it always raises the question, to me, over the issues of toxicity levels of metals, among other things consumed.

Can't say I've ever watched a follow-up vid about these human garbage disposals, and how they fair over time.
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This guy died fairly young, 57
So many questions…

Would they set off metal detector at the airport?

How do the digestive juices break down metal?

What were the state of his teeth?

Were his poo’s painful?