Kids artwork

I see a bunch there I'd hang in my house. Very nice.

What's a chalkboard fridge? Is that something you can buy, or was it modded? A slate body on a fridge would be really cool to have, but perhaps a little delicate.
Dahlia is 9.

This first one is sitting next to me, where is being worked on, currently.

I don't get it...a straight rainbow.

That's a black cat, in the making.

Acrylic paint, marker, pens.


Fridge art
The second one makes me smile...a little scribble...

Papa...Read Please

I cuddle and read to her morning and night, typically.

Somehow magical, either i can fly like I'm magic, or I'm a sperm!! Haha


Dahlia like Japanese Kawaii (cute) style.


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A lamp my daughter designed and made in a shop drafting class when she was a sophomore. The school shop has some sort of 3d printer that cuts out all the pieces for assembly after the kids program it. Dam, looks like I should have cleaned the cobwebs off before the picture! IMG_20211011_201422.jpg
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