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When I think of brain farts committed by good tee men , I sadly think of Cameron in NJ who owned a kick ass tree service with 2 fine, large cranes...he was the climber and crane put him in the tree and he forgot to lanyard in leaned back and it was over
Oh i get that it happens to the best of us too, I'm just thinking that there's so many recording stuff and that's why all these fails are caught on video. When I'm working on anything I'm focused on my work, not if the camera has a good angle. It's a huge distraction right when they're attempting something they thought was difficult enough to film for prosperity. I simply cannot understand that thinking.
Spending time looking up, with a quick check down to see saw progress, is a preferable thing.

Lots of people watch their saw continue in the same plane as they started the cut, rarely looking up at the top. I can be guilty of this, if not being vigilant

I like to smack a wedge, and look up, smack, look, smack, look, when wedging anything dicey.

Also, timing a swing of the ax with the tree movement is a finesse part of wedging, imo. This might be to sync with wind, motion imparted by wedging (rocking back and forth, or a wobble, like with a dead, slow- tapering tree, conifer or otherwise) or multifactorial.
My young friend and I that I was felling with were discussing it after we noticed that widowmaker and i decided I want a fall harness hooked to a 300# counterweight or spring loaded reel that the safety watch can trip and yank me out of the way. Meantime I have the “wyby skedadle” - he was pretty impressed with how fast I move when properly motivated, haha.
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Nice vid. Not Johhny Cash though afaik. Its Buzz Martin
I was chuckling to myself the other day about bar length while running a 24” bar on my 346 bucking and noodling small stringy pine. I found with the chain aggressive I could use the throttle and top or bottom of the bar to push and pull rounds around. 😁