I (Think/Hope) I Developed A New Hitch Design

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Here's my latest friction hitch, the INFINITY hitch, which I just posted onto my channel in both long and short form!

Long form:

Short form:

I sometimes (but not often, because my viewers are usually pretty knowledgeable) get comments from individuals, who I assume are probably new to climbing, and who are new to my channel, who ask me to demonstrate every useful application for my friction hitches. While I always respect and appreciate people who view and comment on my videos, it gets a bit frustrating when it seems obvious that they simply haven't done their own research.

I have most definitely made videos where I show myself testing friction hitches and, admittedly, I probably should make more. The viewer associates a successful demonstration of anything with a successful anything. However, there are countless videos all about how friction hitches work and their countless applications. It's really not worth my time or energy to make a video like this for every single hitch I make.

In fact, I would have to make 85+ different videos demonstrating the same exact 20+ applications in order to pull this off, and I'm simply not interested in doing that. While I have countless videos that are tailored to the beginner climber, the vast majority of my videos require intermediate to advanced knowledge of tree climbing. While I fully understand that I might get more views if I make more videos for the beginner, and while I do plan on actually making more videos for the beginner, that type of content doesn't excite me and it doesn't challenge me very much either. Simply put, it's really boring, and so it takes a lot to push me to go in that direction for content creation.

Anyways, just sort of airing out my thoughts publicly for those who care.

This comment just came in after posting one of the above videos. Again, I don't really get them very often because most of my viewers already understand friction hitches.

2024-04-05 (5).png
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New videos on my channel! Here's my latest friction hitch creation, the SNAIL friction hitch, which was named by one of my subscribers who won a contest I held where I gave my viewers the opportunity to pick the name for this friction hitch. After two weeks of receiving entries, I picked the winner using a random number generator!

Long form:

Short form:
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Time lapse of the entire process I go through every time I test a new friction hitch, which usually take anywhere between 20-30 minutes. The video shows one of the days where I was struggling a little bit, which is sort of nice, because it makes everything look very realistic. You can view either my pinned comment or the description for a full breakdown of every step in chronological order. This was shot in 4K on my Nikon DSLR at one shot every 1/2 second. The duration, after being trimmed a bit, is 1m43s, meaning that there are 206 individual frames in this time lapse.

I stupidly uploaded the photos to Premiere Pro without first touching them up in Lightroom, so it could have looked a lot better. But after rendering the video, which took a very long time, I decided I would just leave it as it is. I still think it turned out well and the music goes along very nicely.

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Having some technical difficulties with this video, which is not sending out notifications to my subscribers and doesn't seem to be gaining any new views. It's also out of sequence, showing it posted over a month ago, despite just posting it moments ago today.

Oh well. I hope this video starts to get some exposure over the next day or so...