Guess the quantity of ropes, win a prize


Aug 16, 2021
Harford county MD
I saw this picture in the new Bartlett catalog. I can’t decide if this man’s pure genius or just a madman. I’ve seen some crazy rigging schemes for situations like this but……..


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It would be interesting to see the full setup. I guess that's what you do when you don't have a crane.
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I’m wondering if he’s tied into many small tops and needs the load spread? I’ve seen a local video by Brads Tree Removal where he took a fairly large tree off a 2 story roof using no more than 5 ropes from what I remember.
We did a cottonwood storm damage that we had something like 1500’ of rope involved. One porty alone had 50’ of sling. There are pics of the trunk somewhere on here.
Had a good size piece of Sugar Maple top break out over customers shed ... same approach just not as complex. Branch tips lodged in a Hemlock on other side of the shed , 20" at the butt of the break which was almost but not finished breaking ... same approach but didn't need the GRCS. After climbing and setting a couple of lower lines slings and blocks and two port o wraps w slings , plus two pull / control lines and a small hand winch and another
sling ... thought to myself , glad I have all this gear ! ... Got it set with entire mess secured first session and started cutting out broken Hemlock limbs until I ran out of light , overnight the Maple break finished peeling off the little holding wood remaining , walked in next day to see just about the whole thing had dropped into the rigging , harmlessly swinging in the breeze safely suspended over the shed ...
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In the pic, it must have been fun watching the huge butt of the top heading toward the roof
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Looking at it I sincerely doubt that it dropped that far into that much rigging unless there was a ridiculous amount of slack , seems they used the GRCS to lower it some after the cut ... just a guess
I’d say you are correct and it was probably lowered. But, if it wasn’t………