Cold showers

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31 miles in a NP, sounds ecstatic.

Big bucks for an ice bath? A hundo plus ice would cover it, no?

I'm off to the beach
Hi All.

Well, that's a deep subject.

Funny enough last night I told myself you need to ice your feet. They're falling apart. I picked up a spot of tendonitis on my left foot where the peroneas brevis attaches down low. Makes running painful.. I know I need to rest it and now is perfect time after a race in a low lull draw of a training valley.

Last night, I did the 5 gallon bucket half ice half water and alternated each foot 5 on 5 off til the ice melts.. usually 2-3 dunks per foot. Then hot shower and stretching and the foam roller.

31 miles is a 50k... that's incredible hike especially in Texas. You dont need hi tech set ups... my teammate uses a hefty plastic garbage can filled w hose water and ice.. and dunks up to his belly button. I'm not that committed.

Basically Ice pulls your stretched out frayed swollen tendon closer back to normal. Like a rubber band.

Cory I just went back to Cal poly last saturday for a visit. It was rad catching up w old friends. I iced for both XC and T&F.


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Hi Nate.

Recovery is based on refueling and recovery and resting... recovery is easier if you fueled throughout the event.

Generally after something big like 31 miles (with plenty of mid hike fueling, carbs and electrolytes) I come home and drink a big glass of chocolate milk... protein and simple sugars, then I'll stretch a little, Ice (ice packs or ice bucket. whatever I need then shower... eat something like rice chicken salad... for the overnight and should be good in morning.

Our bodies are like an old messed up glitchy 020 and you have to learn the unique tricks to keep it going.

Then there is just muscle destruction... that takes a few days to recover from... I'm thinking the 31 miles isn't the norm.. so your body was like hey big guy... whoa.
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Awesome pic, Deva. Have you been to the top of that hill?

Good info re icing.

Water is 54* now. Very refreshing but not challenging, although the water is much colder just 4' deeper down.
Yeah buddy. I started icing yesterday for that tendonitis pain in my foot. After icing a few rounds and stretching..woke up this morning and felt ok... went to work.. came home stretched and ran 3.5 miles w dog (slow) and no pain after running...

Now I'm icing again today... to keep up the momentum..

The body's attitude dictates altitude.

With tendonitis or inflammation it either gets better every day or worse every day but cause and effect and rest play a role in recovery.


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Oh yeah, San Luis is known for awesome ridges and rolling hills... and Pismo beach is right there too.

Local mini mountains are Bishop peak and Madonna peak.

Don’t know how I missed this thread but I read it all. Funny because I started the cold showers thing last fall. I start warm and back it down to cold. I do about five minutes on the coldest. I typically don’t shower until right before I go to bed and was worried the cold exhilaration would keep me awake. Honestly, the nights I do the cold shower I fall asleep quicker and wake up feeling better.
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I've been going in Long Island Sound a couple times a week lately. Water is 60* and it is a glorious experience. Lol despite the glory factor getting in initially is still challenging but whoah, once you get used to it after a minute or so, it's awesome and when you get out it's even better.

Raise that core temp before you get in with a bit of exercise of your choice, then prepare to party. :rockhard:
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That was lol funny, thx for posting. Lol one of the main benefits is you don't have to wait for the water to warm up :lol:

Anyway, imo cold showers can indeed be more difficult to tolerate than a cold dunk in a body of water because the sprinkling effect of the shower on parts of your body can be tougher to endure than when you dunk in and the entire body is fully immersed full time.

And I appreciated the guy's perspective that the benefits for him were very minimal. But for myself, a cold dunk is a lock for a very good and positive mood to follow:rockhard:
I'm not opposed to getting in cold natural water(river, ocean, whatever), but I'm still not down with cold showers. AFAIC, the water heater is one of the world's greatest inventions.
I usually take hot water shower 🚿 then switches to cold water shower 🚿. That's I usually do. But I would like to challenge this "wim hof method" . I think it's a game changer.
But first I have to visit local farm equipment store and get a farm tub .
LoL 😂

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I usually take hot water shower 🚿 then switches to cold water shower 🚿. That's I usually do. But I would like to challenge this "wim hof method" . I think it's a game changer.
But first I have to visit local farm equipment store and get a farm tub .
LoL 😂

Not much info in that video, nor in a lot of his other videos, but I found him teaching his breathing method to Russel Brand, and a video of what his 4 day program looks like.

To me his breathing method especially looks like a relatively safe way o stress the body causing an adrenaline release, and perhaps even a sort of near death experience. I haven't tried it though.
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12 years in with the wim hoff method

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That goes double for me.

I haven't tried the wim hoff breathing so I'm not a risk according to that info but I'm getting more and more into the cold water now that I have a farm tub in the driveway, I don't have to drive to the Sound to get cold and wet.