Cold showers


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Aug 23, 2008
Ok lets start at the beginning- I'm a complete pussy. The cold tap shower water here in CT in winter is straight ice cubes. I can handle it for exactly 2 seconds. But the whole cold shower thing, which was popularized by Wim Hoff, I find it fascinating. Also fascinating to me is that I cannot as yet take a cold winter shower for several minutes. Anyone else here into the idea. There's tons of stuff on the web about it, here's a decent one.

The ninja that works for me, he is a straight savage in every way. We were talking about it, he said he was going to try it, came back later and said nah no way:lol:

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I just do it because it feels good.

Don't know or care about the health benefits.

Back when we had snow, I'd jump out of the hottub and go roll in the snow.

Then back in the hottub.
Ditto here. Straight cold the other 3 seasons, warm shower then cold rinse in the winter. I'm sure KS groundwater temps can't compete with CT or Denmark, though!
I'm straight cold in the heat of the summer. I can about think myself into shivering. I have more insulation than some, but way less than most. I second being a cold-water pussy. If I'm dressed for winter, I have no problem, but...
What about just not showering at all. Skip it completely. They are a pretty recent phenomenon really.
I loooove my hot shower, voluntarily exposing myself to cold water is not an easy choice, even going swimming in Bermuda, I'm a cold water wimp and that's when it's almost 80*. But I have to say any time I've been swimming and the water is chilly, 70 or less, one feels so much more refreshed and invigorated when you come out, I reckon there is something to it.
Swimming in Massachusetts Bay & Plymouth, and Cape Cod in July & August, oftentimes the water is 60-70 degrees. Sometimes only in the 50s in the mid-heat of summer! Refreshing, for sure once you are in it!
I will certainly turn the temp down a lot after warming up a bit, when the weather is hot. But straight cold water shower?? I agree...NFW. Water comes out of my private well at about 50 degrees...that's just too cold for me.
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I basically agree NFW. Yet that is why it is intriguing. It doesn't seem to be an easy thing to do even for those who are regular practitioners yet the benefits reportedly far outweigh the temporary extreme discomfort.

If you think about it, its kinda crazy. Its just water. But for example the navy Seals use it as their prime method for weeding out the ranks of wannabes.

I mean Burnham, if someone said I'll give you one hundo cash to stand in an ice cold shower for 90 seconds, would you
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Ok $400.00
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Nah. We'll get august hunicke over there with his video gear and stop watch, make sure the water is cold enough, you don swim trunks, we do a little TH kick in some loot, voila.

Since I've already acknowledged it is basically impossible for me to do too, maybe we could have a east coast west coast thing, whoever stays in longest gets the loot. Or it could be whomever else.

Silly I know but then again, it is a simple, harmless challenge for whomever undertakes it.