Chainsaw Lung?


Jul 28, 2007
Gilmanton, N.H.
Hey guys, hope everyone has had a good summer. I'm sorry that I haven't checked in and made any recent posts, but we've just been slammed with work (NOT complaining).

Over the last 3 months or so, I've been coughing up a storm and think that it may be related to all the sawdust/particulates over the years from cutting. Turned 56 last month and been cutting daily for years. Any of you guys have any lung conditions that have been linked to your work?

I plan on seeing an ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat specialist), but first have to have my heart surgery, which is in 2 weeks...and that's a whole different thread!

Chris, I’m sorry you’re experiencing that.
I thought woodworkers would come down with the same lung condition that stone workers get due to silicates in the wood. Silicosis, I believe? The chainsaw doesn’t throw fine dust usually, but still. I’m curious to hear responses as well.
I would be wanting a chest xray or something, the ent dr will be able to advise I'm sure. Keep us in the loop on how you're doing Chris, that's no fun at all.
I'd agree with Kyle - insist on a chest x-ray to start, and functional lung tests.

I developed allergies to a number of trees - allergist figured it was the continued exposure to the microparticles of dust from cutting, chipping, etcetera.
No persistent cough or lung issues (yet).
Have you seen the RZ masks, or similar vented masks?

I wear them a lot to cut particulates of all sorts. I can only hold my breath so long.

Rotten wood is also fungi wood.

Wearing filters makes sense.
I understand you're out of daily cutting, Jerry, I was mentioning it for others.

Stump grinding is very dusty, at least in dry conditions.

I've seemed to noticed a lot less dust at work after a bit of fall rain.

Toward the middle and end of summer, there is dust covering everthing. And produced dust seems to linger more, which could be breeze- related.

How are you, @chris_girard ?
My last couple times brushcutting on the farm have kicked my ass. Dunno if it's vegetation or dust from the driveways, but I end up with sore lungs, and my eyes will crust up over night. Discomfort seems to start sooner each time. It's almost to the point I don't even want to brushcut, and it's something I inexplicably enjoy.
The quick- connect buckles on the RZ masks can interfere with a helmet suspension, but are workable. Fogging still happens, especially if you wear glasses right to your face, depending on weather conditions. Not so cheap

I bought a 5 pack of no-name vented filter masks with a velcro closure on the back of the neck, on Amazon. Loops over the ears to help hold it up.
Also good.

Better than a buff, foggier, too.

A buff is easy, cheap/ free swag, less effective than masks, more effective than nothing, less fogging.


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That is a good price, plus $10 shipping to Australia.

Just had a look on and a 2 pack is $58.45 free shipping.

Possibly yes, and if you haven't got one already put in the fatter (most are around 5" thick) filters, they do far better and last much longer. You would have to change some of the ductwork if you have the skinny filter, they sell filter housings for them so you just have to do the transition piece. Good to hear you're feeling better!
That’s good news Chris. I might see ya in a month if I can get away and come observe the crane class. Pete didn’t say he needed me so I’m not gonna push the issue.