Bird Watching!

My wing is broken!! Yeah, killdeers are cool birds. Red Wings were really early this year. Early to mid March. Barn swallows were a little late. Waiting out the storms perhaps. The pattern was earlier every year. I was getting concerned when they were late. The word is that birds are having problems.
I'd put stakes around killdeer nests on construction sites when they were out of the immediate construction area, but still in danger of getting squished. I don't know if that was the right thing to do or not. I never came back to find a staked nest with chicks in it, but I come and go from these places, so it's hard to monitor over short periods of time.
That would be super if there's still some ivory bills left. Like the article said, I've been hearing about possible sightings for a long time, but nothing definitive.
Hope springs eternal. Chances are not good, I fear. People have been searching hard for a very long time; I find it hard to believe not one definitive photo has been made in all these years, if the ivory-billed really still exists.
I bet there is one sitting next to a Bachmann's warbler, someplace.
May I suggest: the Cornell Merlin bird id app.
Free and works fantastic on bird calls.
I use it all the time when I hear something unusual.
May I suggest: the Cornell Merlin bird id app.
Free and works fantastic on bird calls.
I use it all the time when I hear something unusual.
Suggestion taken.

I'm eager to get better with bird call ID.

I've really enjoyed the plant ID app I have, helped me ID lotta ones i see regularly or ones 'on the tip of my tongue'
I get smarter on apps all the time from having Mine, my 29 year old female apprentice.
Apart from being becoming a good logger and climber, she has declared herself to be my "Tech support".
I SOOOO lucked out with her.

I needed that so much, as I'm useless with that stuff.

We have a forest map app, where we can click on different levels and see if there are stuff we need to be careful of: bronce age graves, other cultural relics, areas that fall into the protected type etc.
The forester simply puts the jobs up, and we click on them when done.
Absolutely friggin' brilliant, but not for this old guy.

When I went to the village school, we learned to write by scratching the words on a slate tablet with a piece of chalk.
So give me a break.

Mine talked me into getting a new phone by promising to set it up for me, " No screaming about stuff you can't understand, I promise".
She did and I'm loving it.

Love her, too.
Super intelligent, hard worker and she loves felling big trees.
She might just turn into being the best apprentice, I've ever had.
2022-10-28 09.01.53.jpg
Yeah us elderly folk need young peeps to get the tech ball rolling
Especially us with no kids.

The mail order bride just calls one of her 3 kids in Schweiz, when she is stuck.
Yup. I rely on my 31 y o son.

We all make a fuss about your multilinguism, Stig, does your bride also speak other languages?
Swiss dialect, high German, French and Danish.
With Schweiz having 4 languages, most folks are at least bi-lingual, all young ones also speak really good English.
Margots 3 kids all speak fluent English and oldest granddaughter is learning it in school at age 9.
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