alternatives in land use

I dunno why people think no till is new science, its just buried science lost in the noise of profit making shareholders of chemical and GM engineering...
I got talking to a doctor this weekend who wants chips and possibly biochar for his garden.... got a dump site away from the others if nothing else! He's all in on this no till.
no till has been making news for the wrong reasons here in Mi. farmers are putting fertilizer direcrly on top of the soil as oppossed to tilling it into the soil. much more has been running off into the great lakes causing more toxic algea blooms. top soil is not getting lost but they are not able to controll their fertilizer inputs.

Well geez, who knew. Good article.

Is it likely that with this set of new facts and info re no till and wise use of farmland, that adjustments can be made fairly quickly, I wonder?
When you say hemp are you talking hemp with virtually no thc grown for food and fibre or medical marijuana?
Plenty of hemp here, grown for the seeds, fodder, fibre, beauty products, health food...

But like anything, it will evolve, eh?
Its a fly by night fugging joke.

Some people make money on snake oil...some people lose.
can you explain in more detail? its pretty much replaced tobacco in W north carolina where my parents live. 15 years tjere was tobacco everywhere, hardly see it at all anymore. lots of hemp now
little drama in my neighborhood over land. 100+ acres slotted for a bike park. Its on a steep slope adjacent to the parkway. The developer wants to put it into conservation easement at some point. Those in opposition are calling it a campground. I'd rather see bike trails than houses all over the steep slope. But I'm biased to say the least. I ride It ain't gonna be no RV campground.