PNW fir forest losing limbs, getting thin…?

I can't see the pics big, but I'm assuming the clearcut advice was given out of commercial consideration. If this isn't a project to harvest timber for $, a clearcut will give you a stripped piece of ground you'll never see grown up(I seem to remember you being ~50 based on appearance). You'd be 80 before it looked like much. If it's just for appearance sake so you feel happy when you see it, maybe someone could give advice on fairly fast growing species for the location, and you could selectively thin, add fast growing trees, and have a nice mix of wood to visit.
Sooo much easier to clear cut for the random actor, just wreck all the area, plant back (or even not) take the money and let the owner to see all alone what will happen. No need to have skills in forestry and land management. Sweet.
Sound advices, planning, actual management, life (lives) long following, on the other hand... not so attractive.