The Official Happy Birthday thread!!!


Island Girl
Mar 22, 2005
Happy Birthday hit the big 50 today! Have a fun day! :)

Happy Birthday to WA Mozart as well! Have fun today. :)
Break out the party hats !
Wish we could see baby pics of the birthday boys ? That'd be a kick !
Hope y'all's have a super day.
Happy Birthday. One is never too old to be cool....and noone should try to be too cool to grow old.
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:/: Just in case I loose power tonight cause of the impending storm, Happy Birthday NickfromWI and Emilio. 395xp, dang you gonna be 92 this week?:what:
I here! Yoo-hoo! Thanks for your birthday wishes... don't feel older. Certainly not going to act it, arf arf! :lol:

Who's going to the APF in Sept? You can buy me a birthday beer there if you want!:P
Does anybody else here not care about their b-day ? It's not an 'age' thing for me... Mine's in January, and it was always a drag. Everybody's broke from the holidays, middle o' winter, etc. It just was never a, "Whoopee!" day for me ?
The Greeks have what they call, "Name Day". Folks don't celebrate their actual birth date. As the Greeks would have it, everybody (mostly) is named after some biblical something-or-other. When your name pops up, PRESTO ! It's your name day.
Have lots of snacks & sweets handy for visitors, they come 'round to see you.
Kinda different, ey ?

I don't give a hoot about my bday, I barely tolorate the holidays.
More weed bro needed,no?

I do mines saterday. We be crusin to asheville, hippy capital of the east.
Im not so into that scene but the climbing is lovely.
41 years old though . Wish they would slow down.
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:dance: :occasion4: Che, Happy Birthday! Hope your family spoils you today!

Yorkshirman, Happy Birthday to you as well!
Indeed! A very happy birthday to you both. Che, I hope the husband and kids treat you like a queen. A cattle midwifing, firewood chainsawing, daylily growing, hardworking mom sort of queen!
Happy birthday, Che! Has it been a whole year already?! Oh well, you know how time flies when you're having fun!
Happy B Day all.

Gary, I see your saw chic got her chain tightened thanks to Butch. Good to see she's being safe.