Sounds like Reg is coming out with an ascend/descend device

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That link take me to a blank page on YouTube, and I don’t see it on his feed.
I agree it is hard to find. It came up on my youtube page but is hard to get back to. It's pictured in post #5. There were 2 pics and it was discussed in some of the comments.

No he's not here anymore, I think he lost interest when MB passed.
Curious to see what geometry combo he chose. From the pic it looks like it's not another rope wrench plus pinch variant. I could be wrong. Looks like grigri-esque descent cam release?

Would love a closer look. Reg is a clever, business minded fellow.
Looks like for ascending it is like a rope grab with a cam to pinch the rope. Maybe the red knob locks out the cam from contacting the rope and the aluminum lever by his fore finger is pressed against the sheave for descending.
Split ring might be use to pull pin that holds the cam for attaching to the rope, but rope would have to be threaded through sheave and lever???
I went on YouTube and watched it. Nice formal introduction/tease. You can read through the YouTube comments and Reg answers some questions.
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Nice vid and looks like it could be an exciting tool.

Gotta love Reg and his contributions to the treework world- vids, tools, vibe.
It reminds me of an multiscender for Moving rope that came out in the 80s, but didn’t get popular. It’s the Arborist’s Cinch.
That’s a cool device! Anyone else ever run into this back in the day? Do you remember the cost? Did it wear out with long use?
Reg's device looks like a good, smooth and secure running rig. I like it.

I remember the multiscender device in an article, or ad, in Arbor Age magazine back in the 80s or 90s. The only west coast arbor publication going at the time, and aimed primarily toward the urban landscaper and golf greens guy.

The articles and tips for climbers were pretty weak. But it was the only action in town besides "Logger's World" magazine. Which was a notch-up over Arbor Age.

Finley Hays wrote a monthly column in Logger's World mag called, "The Rigging Shack" Finley was an old school high climber, spur / flipline, hand-chopping, topping and rigging spar poles in the 1920s and 30s in Oregon and Washington. Good old days of steam logging. Finley's memory and wit with story telling, through his 90's, was beyond reproach.

After the 1980s or 90s I never seen or heard of the multiscender again.

Over the last 30 years I have seen a lot of concept/design/engineering go into mechanical and cord friction devices specifically for climber's needs. And each iteration of design, made by different people, qualified people, keeps improving over past designs. Imaging that.

Once, and only once, I tried to descend on a single line of rope using a taught-line hitch.

Take my word, it doesn't work!

Nonetheless, I always thought there could be a way to make it work.

Well, you're looking at it today in the new lineup of mechanical and cord frictions devices available for the modern arborist / climber.

The latest designed by Reg Coates. A working climber.
I was shown a prototype of Reg's device today, sorry no pictures but it looks pretty simple, cams on removable pins in a square aluminium cage, the nylocks on Reg's device are not present, they are still in the process of smoothing out the ability to attach midline for certification. It looks like the US will see it first for use followed by Europe but don't quote me on that.

I was lucky indeed to be shown it today.
I also got to see the nearly finished treeimagineers/DMM harness which looked very nice and the new friction saver effort from Petzl, the Naja, which looks like a gold Penis and also the new Kalimba rope from Courant which is very low stretch but still reasonable soft to the hand and looks a nice rope to climb on.