Ported 590 not starting, BADLY want to fix at-home!


Sep 21, 2022
I thought taking him back to the retailer (~1.25yr old unit) would never be on the radar, I find&fix saws, blowers etc...but need him working and after many attempt-sessions I've only gotten 1 short (~15sec) runtime from him (with the trigger/throttle pegged)

Saw is/was:
- ported half a year ago (I only cleaned the lower transfers and added maybe 2* exh duration)
- last used in mid-May (3' skipchain setup, felling&bucking 4 or 5 L.Oaks.
- flushed with new eth-free fuel 2wks ago, when I first took him out of storage after he sat since mid-May (he's never seen ethanol, usually 91oct with Red Armor at 45:1, though since taking him out of storage I've just used canned fuel)
- treated well, the filter is fine, only 1 of 3 bigger bucking saws i was using through the past year...*except* that last use in mid-May where I "had" to push him, needed to finish the project and found that, when running him nonstop through trunks, I was having to alter the carb's H&L (I figured I was still tuning after my portwork), but once out of storage I couldn't get him running, he'd turn-over properly but never start...

I've tried everything from "1&1" settings to the OEM h1.75/l0.75, idle screw usually quite strongly in (as this always seemed to help starting problem 2-strokes) amd only yesterday did I get him to run for a very unpleasant-sounding ~10-15sec (by pinning the throttle during one of the many times he *wants* to start but cannot)

Am close to just taking him to the shop as I need him but have been delaying as I can't believe I'm needing help...so am here for 1 final hail-mary...air&fuel filters are clean I am OCD with my saws (and always figured my Echo units as the most-reliable, all my best climbsaws are Echo and it's FOR their reliability...)

Thanks a million for any input/advice!


Mar 6, 2005
Upnya WV
The carb is where I would start. Check impulse line/passage and fuel line for leaks, carb boot too.

Walbro HDA-268A

Have you taken it back to the “porter” yet? :D
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Apr 4, 2015
Mt. Juliet, TN
Did you take the muffler off and check the condition of the piston?

The 590 can developed a leaky check valve in the main nozzle that can cause unsteady and lean idling.