Ported 346xp

I'm in the camp of full-wrap handles make saws more functional, and easier to handle. Using a half-wrap the way you would like to position the saw takes more muscles than if you have a full-wrap. It allows you to keep it lower when working in the tree, requiring less muscle.

The only time it's a hassle to me is when one is trying to low-cut stumps for grinding. Stig's euro-style felling is probably having the same challenge of the handle hitting low on buttress roots or the ground.
Not a husqvarna but my 500i just got finished being ported. Here it is running a 9 pin sprocket through hardwood. I will be paying the man and having it sent back to me this week :)
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This thing keeps impressing me. Kevin’s don’t 4 stroke as high as other builders, but the little guy pulls HARD.

I usually run 20” 23rs, narrow kerf .325, and I was gonna try 24”, but I would have had to convert a bar from 3/8” to .325 and I wanted to keep it for my 60cc ported saws.

So I went with 3/8” LP, also because I figured with the cutters further apart, I might have less trouble with chip flow. @huskihl
I like ⅜"lp a lot. I wouldn't mind seeing .325 just gone. It's the black sheep of the chain family, and is used on exactly one class of saw.