Masterblaster aka Butch Ballowe III

Thanks Dave! :)

Another cool thing Butch did was sometimes give people an avatar pic for whatever reason. I know it pissed some people off, but the avatar pic I have to this day is one Butch gave me. It's somehow made it over from the different forum changes.

I plan to be around more. I've missed you guys a lot. 💗

Thank You Burnham. The wife and I are boxing up all of our crap to move for the final time, and I stumbled on to an old brass falling dog for a Homelite Zip that you gave to me eons ago. It was one of the things that prompted me back here.

I've been catching up on some reading Ger', and there is still a lot more to catch up on. Good to see you again my friend.

Stephen, I do post a lot of junk on the ol FB and now Instagram. But it's not the same as being part of a big ol' group like this. :)

Great to read you again Gary!

Your ‘return’ reminds me of the legend in our town of Edgar Alan Poe putting a curse on our local watering hole that ‘anyone entering would be cursed to always return’. We should carry you back in with a ‘hero’s welcome’:

“The Deer Park Tavern
has been a Landmark in Newark since 1851. Originally, the St. Patrick's Inn had stood in its place since 1747. Among the many travelers that used the Inn as a resting place were Charles Mason and Jeremiah Dixon. With their team of surveyors, the boundary between Pennsylvania and Maryland was established and became famous as a line of demarcation between free and slave states.

During the American Revolution, soldiers stayed at the St. Patrick's Inn and it is stated that George Washington spent a night. On December 23, 1843, Edgar Allan Poe lectured at the Newark Academy. As he was attempting to descend from a carriage at the Inn, he was reputed to have fallen in the mud and was so upset that he put a curse on the building. "A curse upon this place! All who enter shall have to return!" Patrons found this so amusing that they carried Poe into the tavern with a hero's welcome”
I'm 62 now, and muscle cramps are my biggest beef now.

In my younger years muscle cramps in my arms after running too many ropes aloft would end my day early, teaching me to let my ropeman do most the hoisting as possible.

But now at 62, it's taking my Wesco's off at the end of the day,, that pulls my calf muscles the opposite direction that causes severe agonizing cramps in my calf muscles, that can only be relieved by standing on the affected leg, stretching it back out the other way, that makes it go away, thankfully.

Probably a hilarious dance to witness firsthand!

Just bought some dried banana chips to get some potassium in me, without the acid reflux of raw banana protein shakes.

Gettin old ain't easy I guess.......

Hey, Jomo! It's funny you brought this up in this particular thread. Butch is the person who saved me with his advice on this very issue. Working in really hot, humid weather, I would get severe muscle cramping in both of my legs, every muscle. Didn't think I be able to continue climbing without some sort of a remedy for it.

Butch said the answer was electrolytes, and he was precisely right. Night & day difference. Brand name Pedialyte was what he recommended. You find it in the baby supplies section of a store, because it's what they give them when they're sick. It's expensive stuff. At first I'd drink three or four bottles a day in hot weather. I think Butch said to drink one before you start work to get ahead of the problem, but I never did that. I went from my whole lower body seizing up with cramps, to almost no symptoms at all.

If you drink a little when your calves are cramping, I think the cramps would go away in less than a minute.
I switched to using a powdered mix after awhile to save money. Much cheaper. The powdered mix is called Vitalyte. You can buy it on Amazon. Maybe 1/6 the cost of Pedialyte. It just takes a bit more work. Anyway, I hope you come back soon & see this post. If it weren't for Butch's advice I might have had to stop climbing in the summertime. Take care. Tim
Looking on amazon, there's a lot of unflavored pills, and the prices look good. Dunno about quality/effectiveness, but I'd rather eat a pill and drink plain water.
Nice to read you Gary !
Tit for tat.

Words written, words spoken... not unlike a game of chess.

Something i've said a lot is how the raw intelligence of George Carlin, Robin Williams, Lenny Bruce, Redd Fox, Don Rickles ,Jonathon Winters, Richard Pryor etc. would all be excellent troubleshooters as can turn stuff upside down and run it this way and that way in head finding logical connections to try already.
Difference is they put the twist in i say, we(troubleshooters) take the twist out!!
But truly in many ways working the same muscle of brain, the same way; just to different point thru same twists.
Many times that chess board, looks like a 3 dimensional chessboard played by pointy eared folk tho!
Remember Dean Martin's Celebrity Roasts? Very quick volleys, no time for chess timer !
Miss'n Butch,
Going great. Recently told my boss to shove it, so I'm now retired. Moved out to our ranch, so I spend a lot more time with the chainsaw, clearing brush, etc.The wife is thinking about an rv, so more travel in our future too.

You doing ok also? I assume Ian didn't blow you away.
We did fine in Marathon, thank goodness. Congratulations on the retirement, that is awesome. We are pushing towards that, hopefully before too long.
The more time goes by, the greater is my appreciation for what Butch created here. A truly unique essence exists and the fact that it continues after his change of form/soul release is rather extraordinary imo.

MB!!!! :rockhard: :rockhard: :rockhard: :rockhard: :rockhard: :rockhard: :rockhard: 🔥 :rockhard: :rockhard: :rockhard: :rockhard: :rockhard: :rockhard: :rockhard:

As he would say, "There ya geaux!"