Looks badazz :D


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Mar 7, 2005
Western Oregon
Sharp looking saw. I question the discount choice of bars though. A Cannon would match the color scheme, and add to the "premium" presentation.
What I might pay some good money for is a 2511t done in OD and black. Just swap out the orange plastic for OD(no paint!). I'd love an OD ground saw also, but it's wildly impractical. You're just asking for it to get squished or something. A top handle is connected to you, so color is less important.
Does that hold up? Can you nick it, and not have the base color come through?
These definitely look like items for collectors; too costly, too pretty...not daily users. But I would be surprised if they don't work well too.
Comparing a built 440 to a stock 500i is apples to oranges in technology and ergonomics, but that saw is cheaper than a stock 500i, which is around $1660.00 here with a 28” bar.

Does that hold up? Can you nick it, and not have the base color come through?

The black dye holds up well IMO.
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I was thinking it was painted. Gloss, obviously. But I could be mistaken. Black chrome would take the bling factor up several notches. :)

I like the skid plate too, Ger. Fashion and function.
Also saves the saw from truck beds and such.

I let a really nice 290 die a horrible death, all alone, beaten to pieces in the back of my truck. Caught the hi lift jack in the bottom of the case... RIP little Farm Boss, you were too good for me...
All my saws are cased aside from my 355t, 170, and 661. I've been meaning to try making a case for the 355 out of a cat litter bucket. The 170 doesn't really go anywhere, and the 661 is big.
Bought a case with my 500i. When I got home and pulled the saw out, it was scratched. I had a "Moment". Saw case now waters birds in the yard, what was left after my lapse of apoplectic rage, couldn't be returned.