020T resurrection.

Dave Shepard

Square peg, round world.
Oct 28, 2007
Alford, MA
I'm going to try and get my 020T running. It needs a carb. Has a zama, but I'd like the adjustable Walbro. Any tips on proper part number and best place to buy appreciated. Thanks.
I've bought many carbs for the 200T, not so much for the 020T. The common part number for the 200T carbs (fully adjustable) is
Stihl 1129-120-0653. It is a Zama
I thought I had an 020 resurrection story but before posting and after slapping myself in the head I concluded it was a 200 and not a 020 that I owned. Here it is anyway.

I resurrected my retired 200 the other day. The service guys said compression was good but the piston was scored. I bought a 201 and my dad took the 200 home to play at "fixing" it. He pulled the carb apart a couple times but it always lost power under load and he would shelf it until the next year.

This spring he went to start it, said he could barely pull it, added some c - foam to the fuel and ran it wide open for a while. He brought it out to test on some Siberian elms we were cutting and the sonofgun performed perfectly. I made sure I heated it up through some bigger cuts and it just kept going. I had been running the 201 for an hour or so prior and the comparison in power favored the 200! Knock on wood, but is this saw good to go again? I'm going to leave at the old man's place just in case.
Pistons dont Uscore themselves, they just keep getting worse, and given enough time, will ruin the jug as well.
sure they will run, but its not doing it any good in doing so.

take out the piston, clean off the transfer from the cyld/ jug, and put in a new piston, and give the carb a new kit and fuel filter/ fuel line replace and enjoy it.
The intakes on them also can cause issues, so whilst its apart, just replace that as well.
They had a number of problems with the C1Q Zama carbs after they moved same to China from Japan .I sent one to Eddie Anderson at Stihl Virginia Beach where they performed testing on it .It had an internal leak they could not find .Eddie sent me a new carb and I never retuned it and have not had a problem with it .That is on the one I souped up .The stock 200T has an earlier carb with no accelerator pump ,never one problem on that one in the 12 15 years I've owned that saw .