Truck mounts for pole saw?


Aug 15, 2017
I recently got a Husqvarna battery pole saw and it's been great for when I need it. I was wondering who has ideas for secure mounting options for the side of my dump truck? I googled for a bit but didn't find anything that stood out. I'm not really worried about anti-theft, it's just that it's too long to store anywhere but in the bed of the dump body. I did strap it to the top of my chip box in an emergency the other day (not enough room left after chipping) but that's not ideal or very efficient. What kind of tube-style mounts have you guys used or seen out there?
perhaps a string trimmer rack would work? im not sure if the shaft diameter is too big or not, but you can probably stop any lawn guy in town and see about his racks and measure them, im thinking bolt them to the top of the box, going on the side might put you over width on the truck
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