The Joke/Funny Pic/Video Thread

Do you have all the proper permits and has the jet been demilitarized? Sorry, Buzz Killington here, ready to rain on this parade. Can you afford the fuel? Can you afford hanger rent? Can you afford general upkeep and maintenance? The only crafts more of a money pit than boats are aircraft. Are you licensed?

But yes, while you may be laughing at these listings, they are likely legitimate, which sort of makes it not funny. *runs away before he gets hit with spoiled tomatoes and rotten cabbage*

(I'm being the playful antagonist. I'm not really that much of a dick...for today) :lol:

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I hope that back side of the tree/s doesn’t fall towards the lean when he cuts through on his back cut. Pretty sure those could easily separate. It will be ok though as he’s an amphibian and amphibians are quick to move.


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