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  • Sounds like you need a helper or two. I have done alot of that working alone, and it is no fun. 30 years! I bet you can play in your sleep. One of these days Im going to sit down and really learn to play guitar and piano. I was going pretty good, but trying to play with a 5 yr old and a 2yr old doesnt work to well. Hope you got some rest, Im off to the Dr. again. I tore some muscles in my lower back, and they think I may have a herniated disc. Looks like tomorrow is going to be fun at the fire house, maybe every one will behave for the 4th. have a good one.
    used the GRCS all day today. I'm learning some tricks & such and it's really helping the job along. So glad I have it in this cemetery! Worked alone and am whooped with all the up & down. Glad I had the mini cause I had to load all the wood (26" rounds) to deliver elsewhere.

    I played bluegrass festivals, bars, & shows/concerts for over 30 years all round the Midwest and am retired from the band/stage thing. I play an average of 5-7 hours a day here at the house. I am currently collaborating with people form Tenn, Florida, Israel, and Texas on the internet. some projects are mine and some are other peoples. i have to cut a Stand-up Bass track for the guy in Israel yet tonight, if I can find the energy....
    Hi Jeff, Been awful busy between working on house, tree work, and picking banjo. GRCS iis a fantastic labor saver and I use it fairly often. Yanked a tree over with it Tuesday, lifting and lowering scheduled tomorrow, and and at least two days next week. Even used it here at home pulling my mini out of a ditch I was digging that I got stuck in (mud). I thought it would be something I would just bring to jobs I knew I needed it on but I just carry it in the truck all the time now 'cuase I never know when I might use it next. It's easily paid for itself more than once already.

    Very dry up here (record for spring)

    haven't been on the .net much lately, had it and TV shut down for a couple months just to get away from all the electric media.

    Just bought this banjo from the guy playing it

    Well getting lighter out, gotta go.

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