hobo stew

Yall stop posting attractive women! I'm allowed to look and like again, and I'd like to eat a lot more than her soup. Been a long time since I've had to play the dating game, and the rules are a bit different now.

Anyhow, yall ever tried New Brunswick stew?
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Have not tried NB stew
I feel like I've had that at some point, but I can't remember where, or what my opinion was. Since I don't remember, I must not have thought it was terrible. Maybe not amazing either.

Dave, I thought that also and looked it up. Here's the site that sells them...

Looks like they were designed for a very specific purpose, and opening cans on youtube isn't it. I can't comment on the utility for bomb disposal, but I don't think I have much of a use for one; certainly not at the price they sell them for.
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I would never buy one but they look legit to me. If you read the "About Us" section, it details how the chisels came to be
What’s the difference between a chisel and a survival chisel? 75% higher cost!
A regular chisel isn’t wrapped in para-cord and has a nice comfortable handle. It’s an assault chisel and should be banned from society. Assault chisels kill millions of people a year and can stab at a rate far exceeding the normal stab rate of a regular chisel.
Actually, I was sooo impressed with how that chisel opened a can.
I'm gonna get me one and chuck my regular can opener.

I'm some what disappointed. I was waiting for her to cook that rat.........................real Hobo stew.