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  1. pantheraba

    T-shirt TEE shirt Auction EXTRAs two Large available

    As a result of a fortunate mistake, there are two shirts that are available: 1 each short sleeve, 50/50 (cotton/poly), Large, Gray 1 each short sleeve, Wicking , Large, Green They can be yours for the right price. It is Auction time. These are a rare cannot...
  2. pantheraba

    Accident Thread - Stuff Gone WRONG!

    One of Butch's imgurs led me to this: these all happened within the last few days! chipper/rope incident severs a leg:
  3. pantheraba

    Tie-off ideal for a wrecker?

    I am on our local Dive, rescue, recovery for water situations (bodies, evidence, etc.). We also do land work but this question is water related. We recently did our second vehicle recovery at this bridge site on the Chattahoochee River. There is a boat ramp upstream and local...
  4. pantheraba

    Crane accident - very bad outcome

    I captured this from Facebook...a friend in Ohio is in the "big-boy" construction business...he helps build Cabella's type stores...he is one of their chief riggers for some pretty serious crane work. He's kind of like Kyle here...knows a lot of good stuff in-depth. He knows I do treework and...
  5. pantheraba

    Rope to restrain PEOPLE

    Tree guys are all about control...we use ropes and gear to create situations where we can minimize danger as we control dangerous limbs and loads. We usually have the luxury of time to study, rig and control danger. Our use of rope becomes 2nd nature. Law enforcement folks deal with danger...
  6. pantheraba

    Atlanta accident -- climber dies

    This happened 4 days ago...there is a video in the article: I suspect a top or big limb went details of the "how" yet.
  7. pantheraba

    The heartbeat of a tree

    I just saw this come thru below...the website contains a graph that is interesting: Until now, scientists thought water moved through trees by osmosis, in a somewhat continuous manner. Now they?ve...
  8. pantheraba

    Indian Clubs

    I use these for shoulder/arm/wrist mobility, body agility, etc. I know shoulder problems are pretty common for tree guys...and lots of other activities that use repetitive and extreme motion. The clubs can help maintain existing capabilities, enhance them further, prevent future injury by...
  9. pantheraba

    Resurrect 2 leaners?

    Recent heavy snow load here bent over theae 2 juniper (?) . The homeowner has asked us to try to get them upright again. I have some very large bamboo...6 inch diameter and up to 40 feet long that we can use as a splint to support the trees. The bamboo will let us run guy lines to nearby...
  10. pantheraba

    Stig's cabin fever

    Stig....I have something headed your way to help muddle thru your current feverish state of being. It carries with it a certain level of responsibility for you to actually DO something with it. It is not Shaolin guardian clay figurines...they are there just to catch your attention since I feel...
  11. pantheraba

    Malware / adware at the House?

    MB, Starting last night I get popups from MediaGemm and AdArcade...but only when I open the TreeHouse. I left a lot of different tabs open last up to a clean screen (no popups...just normal sites). Within 20 seconds of opening the House or a different forum once I am in the House...
  12. pantheraba

    Underwater logging

    Interesting saw.... <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe> Embed problem...try this: They got a cool log here: <iframe width="560"...
  13. pantheraba

    PPE et al

    I thought maybe this thread could cover aspects of stuff we wear for injury protection (see following video---one of the best put together with message, music and meaning) and stuff we wear for convenience (e.g., sometimes I wear gaiters (meant for snow/scree use) to keep sawdust out of my...
  14. pantheraba

    Climbing rope embedded in tree

    A "circus style climbing" rope...used for strength training. This tree supported several ropes over the years in my backyard. When the kids were maybe 8 or 10 I put up a climbing wall and two ropes...a vertical climb and a horizontal rope. I didn't realize I was condemning the tree at the...
  15. pantheraba

    Stihl MS650 -- broken -- rebuild?

    Alex and I did a job last week...removed a 60' sourwood for a a line drop by the power company, bombed most of it and got it all down...then Alex told the owner he could call the power company to re-attach the line. Then the owner did an add-on asked us to take down a maple near...
  16. pantheraba

    Big Balls

    Not talking about Reg, Burnham, Gerry, Stig, August, Butch or .... This is my "office" desk...way better on the buttocks/legs/posture... Anybody else use one of these? Whenever I spend a lot of time in a regular desk chair it's miserable.
  17. pantheraba

    bamboo crane

    This could really be part of this thread: but it is different enough I figured to put it in the rigging section. When you need an anchor point in open space you gotta do something. At first we thought...
  18. pantheraba

    Hollow tree topping - barber chair

    We are getting a site ready for a metal building (1200 sq. ft) and some trees needed to be removed to make room. I had already removed 2 largish oaks, maybe 70 ft, not too many limbs...was able to bomb a lot of the trees. I left about a 30 foot spar, dug out the root ball with an excavator and...
  19. pantheraba

    Rigging within limits

    I had a 15"dbh oak leaning over my house...I had roped out the pieces over the house solo...cut them small enough to toss. That left a 45 foot leaning remainder. My inclination was to rig it out in pieces, swing them from the nearby sweetgum. My son suggested we take the whole piece...hang it...
  20. pantheraba

    Craftsmanship / Artistry

    There has been a whole discussion of trying to differentiate the two...whatever the case, we all know good work when we see it. My brother-in-law, Billy, has been at it again...he delivered TWO training dhas (swords) to me yesterday...same exquisite work as the others he has made. One of these...
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