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  1. Bodean

    Unpaid Jobs

    Hi All... I woke up this morning mad about a $500 job that i was subbed out for....stump grinding. The client said he wasn't paying, and supposedly cut the scope of the prime in half so the prime decides not to pay me... My deal is with the prime not the client... and the prime is an old irish...
  2. Bodean

    Best Lift????

    What's the best spider lift....? Looking for something that I can do street trees and tight access. 70' height. Ive read about 7 threads on TB and AS with the comparisons. Just want and Frank info if anyone has any experience... Thank you in advance.... Happy new year... :)
  3. Bodean

    ArborMD San Francisco, Now hiring.

    ArborMD is looking to hire a full time Tree Climber. We're offering good pay and benefits. If you or someone you know is interested, Please give me a call @ 415.250.2012 or email us at Thanks for looking. Deva Braden Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  4. Bodean

    Chainsaw Rebuilder?

    Hey all. Especially those that know something about saws. My 044 is sputtering.... on choke comes alive then dies....hit the trigger burp burp dies....won't hold an idle. I tried adjusting the screws. Is it an air leak...? Coughs every time with the choke on....but doesn't seem to pull...
  5. Bodean

    Does / Has anyone any experience with this lead generating service? Thinking about signing up..... Almost did but wife had luck of pause to think stepped in...... 280 to get a background check and a counselor for the year......and pay for each lead...25/job.
  6. Bodean


    Any cool stories, insights, methods or equations to your sales? Do you mention hourly or just a price? Sales is so much more challenging than climbing.......I have so much more to a whole new world. It's a head game. Like the game of poker. Deva.
  7. Bodean

    Climbing Buildings

    This window guy approached me for a job. $600 to belay down a building and screw in these 5 predrilled sheets (lowered from above with suction cups) of plexiglass over these windows....bag of self tapping screws and a makita. I'm thinking no problem. Here are my tie-ins....I think. They run...
  8. Bodean

    Identity theft?

    Any of you had to deal with this? Someone tried to open a business loan for $18.5k with my info...... So yeah, life.
  9. Bodean

    Tree hardware removal

    Hi everybody. Wasn't sure where to post ask this... so I figured what's a new thread. I'm working on a bid to cut the cages off the trees.... Any ideas on easiest quickest steel cutting....I'm thinking an angle grinder.....the steel seems really thick.
  10. Bodean

    Any help on Japanese Maple...A.palmatum.

    Hi Every one, here's a picture of a central leader that was cut back by homeowner and the canker worked it's way down from the tip to past the collar... Seems it's going from top down. The trees are on irrigation and in giant 50 gallon ceramic pots that I doubt drain well and he just stepped...
  11. Bodean

    Text or email only calls

    I get these random job lead emails from time to time. I usually lose them.
  12. Bodean

    Old vs. New equip.....

    For a person starting out..... As business owners....What says ye fer Buying outright a twenty year old truck and chipper and deal with the breakdowns...... or finance new equipment that will be trouble free ish....and owe the bank...? Deva
  13. Bodean

    Workman's Comp?

    Can someone explain Workman's comp to me? I mean how do you get it, How much is paid into it? What's the minimum hours per month to qualify for coverage? What are sample payments like? How much? Just curious. I saw Sean's thread on GL and well thought about another license thing.
  14. Bodean

    Close Call

    Today at work, a climber had a close call, lucky, Lucky Guy for sure. 50 years old climbing since he was 18. Monterey pine, 70 inch fattie. He was tied in pretty far back, lots of line. He was about half way out on a 20" x 30' limb, flipped into a 8 inch branch. He cut a 4 inch crossing...
  15. Bodean

    Jonny's Pine Removal Video.

    We had some pine removals the other day. Jonny wanted me to make a video for him, it's been over a year since I made a tree vid. Enjoy. before youtube yanks the music for copyright. <iframe width="480" height="390" src="" frameborder="0"...
  16. Bodean

    Cypress Canker (Seridieum)

    Any of you folks have problems with this canker? It's wind and water borne apparently. It hits Leylandii's a lot. We're seeing a large impact here on young Monterey Cypress. It's absolutely hammering one of our reforestation sites, 1-5 year installations. There are beetle borers also. Any...
  17. Bodean

    California Tree Failure Report Program & International Tree Failure DataBase.

    Hi everyone, I went to a great seminar today at Filoli. It was all about Tree Failures. If you are in California, you can contribute and access data from the California Tree Failure Report Program. They...
  18. Bodean

    Better Business Bureau

    They just called me, I thought I was in trouble. But just marketing. Do any of you register with them? They called and offered me $500/year, for accreditation and the Graphic jpeg. It's tax deductible too. Any perks? Did it pan out for you?
  19. Bodean

    Free Climb
  20. Bodean

    Presidio TreeHouse "Secret Spots"

    Indeed. I'm not sure of this guy's intentions..... But I'd say the secret isn't a secret anymore...... <object width="560" height="340"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param...
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