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  1. Tree09

    Kyles redneck builds/ ideas

    Intro: skip to the end, it's likely too long, and basically says I'm gonna post future/ current projects here rather than boring people to tears with a bunch of different threads. So, as i get older, i find that my time is being pulled in many directions. I'm pushed forward in my pipefitting...
  2. Tree09

    Advertising 101.1

    Some of you guys posted the names of websites that you use to find jobs, could you please post them again, since the other thread was deleted....
  3. Tree09

    Chuck and duck/ old school drum chipper adjustments

    So i played around with my chipper that i thought had a bad injector and got it running pretty good again. My question is you have a few adjustments on them, and they perform much better when adjusted right. I have a manual somewhere, no idea where. From what i can tell the feed rate is...
  4. Tree09

    Old school radiator repair

    We got some top shelf mechanics here, got a question. On my 52 case backhoe the radiator finally went. Got it pulled, there are 4 tubes that have blown right at the top. Brazed ends, think the core is aluminum but not sure yet. A new radiator is like 400, and its time i learn to fix these. Lol...
  5. Tree09

    Dot and CDL stuff

    I searched for some threads on this here, and am not aware of any yet, which is kinda surprising if that's the case. Anyways rules continuously change, so maybe it will be worthwhile. As I'm sure you all know, i got a new dually last year, and i have a handful of trailers too. The truck has a...
  6. Tree09

    Random intoxicated thoughts... possibly nsw

    I always wished i remembered hilarious, thoughtful, or otherwise completely random thoughts while drinking (or otherwise lol) so i figured this would be a good place to collect them.... Even though i live in a different hotel room every week, how do i always manage to remember the room number...
  7. Tree09

    Derrick rigging and redneck cranes

    I'm putting this in the rigging area because I think that's where I guessed it should go, if you want to, feel free to move it to the gear section or wherever you feel it should be (garbage can, etc lol). My day job is heavy pipe construction, and as part of our apprenticeship, they have over a...
  8. Tree09

    Winch bed and trailer build

    I'm going to be building a bed for my 96 f250, and I've decided on building a winch bed so I can change beds out according to what I'm working on, but still use the same truck. Winch beds are used like a rolloff, but are dramatically simpler, consulting of only a flatbed, headache rack, a...
  9. Tree09

    Completely random but awesome knowledge

    I've been thinking of starting a thread about useful info for awhile now, nothing trade specific but just handy things to know. Kind of like tips for doing random things that most of us come across. So here's a few that I learned lately 1. Penetrating oil Never buy penetrating oil again, just...
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