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  1. SeanKroll

    Bucket- dump: pros and cons

    I'm considering upgrading chip trucks either to a 'regular' dump versus a mid-mount bucket/ dump bed. Been bouncing this inside my head, and could use some experienced feedback. I've flown a non-dump Versalift for over 2 years, in the past, almost never off pavement. Some of my trees are...
  2. SeanKroll

    Local Climbing Rescue by S.O.R.T., Life-flighted to Harborview Trauma

    Happy to hear that there is a good team nearby. Had lunch yesterday with a retired firefighter/ currently small-scale logger who used to be on the team. Told me a local, experienced arborist worked with the Special Operations Rescue Team a few years back on some training. Bigleaf maples are...
  3. SeanKroll

    How do you like the new forum? New tricks for posting?

    I'm thinking it's looking sweet!! Congratulations, Butch! I noticed that you can highlight text, in someone else's post, and get the option to add the highlighted text to a multi-quote function. I think that this is way easier to use for new people. Have to get used to using the button for...
  4. SeanKroll

    Wasp sting immunotherapy "cure" Wondering about this. Going to consult an allergist, when I get a round tuit. Locally, there is a free wasp collection biz who sell to biomed companies for "curing" allergies. What...
  5. SeanKroll

    Mini-loader replacement tracks...Sources?

    When I threw a track the other day, it got a bit ugly, and I could see some wear. I thought that I maybe should by some back-ups, possibly turf tracks or super aggressive to have something different that what I have from the factory. Seems like a broken track could put me down for a while...
  6. SeanKroll

    Pallet forks for Mini-loader

    My mini weighs 2600 pounds. 50% tipping load is 1050 pounds. How heavy-duty of pallet forks do I need, and what length of forks is useful for log/ pallets of firewood / milled wood handling/ trailer moving? Brands to avoid? Brands to recommend? Titan...
  7. SeanKroll

    Chainsaw powerhead attachments...drills, augers, capstans, etc Interesting to see a saw-powerhead drill attachment used in conjunction with a GRCS in a video. Interesting to see a cone-splitter attachment in the video. Haven't used augers before, but another crew was on a post-fire replanting project outside the Tahoe Basin...
  8. SeanKroll

    What kinda mill to buy?

    Looking into a portable bandsaw mill. Just saw these. A used one for sale on CL alerted me to the brand. What they are calling 42" is 36" cut capacity. 10' without extension tracks. About $5k, new. Been looking at Woodmizer, Hud-son...
  9. SeanKroll

    Greenteeth types...Red Vs. Green Vs. Wearsharp

    Greenteeth® LoPro Stump Cutters Increased tooth diameter and reduced pocket thickness allow for a 3/4" clearance between the side of the pocket and the stump. This prevents the pocket from rubbing against the stump, which significantly reduces pocket wear and improves overall performance of your...
  10. SeanKroll


    I can't change pages within a thread. I click the next page number or the icon for the last page. It reloads the same page. anyone else?
  11. SeanKroll

    Managing employee ADD, Stoner-ADD in the workplace.

    It's striking me that so many of guys that will do ground work are sorta or wholly ADD/ ADHD, or have Stoner ADD to manage. This is a legal rec cannabis state, so the opportunity to get the most powerful weed on the market is available to absolutely everyone, as conveniently as liquor stores in...
  12. SeanKroll

    Singing Tree Quickie, with a tied termination?

    My regular climb-lines are not spliced. How does this work with a knot, and what works best? I'm used to a scaffold on a biner, but this causes too much cinching, if I can't slip off the end of the keylock biner's nose. Seems like the rope needs to squeeze the Quickie a bit to keep...
  13. SeanKroll

    Armoring drop-zones rather than rigging, and armoring for machines.

    Just a thought I have... Sometimes in rare occasion, you might want to beat an area, rather than rig down into an area, like if you have a dead tree. I had a tight spot to fit a dead cedar. 2x2' grid plant-spacing, with heavy, heavy landscape cloth, in the landscaped area where I was able to...
  14. SeanKroll

    Coming...Church of The Flying Spaghetti Monster documentary I have been needing to find religion...the terrible heathen that I am.
  15. SeanKroll

    Best backpack blowers

    What is the best, large backpack blower? Anyone ever try the double blower, front-and-back, as I've seen in a picture?
  16. SeanKroll

    Snow/ polar tracks for mini-skid

    anyone have any experience? Studs?
  17. SeanKroll

    Fundamentals of General Tree Work on eBay Guy from TB.
  18. SeanKroll

    Hydraulic Cartridge Valve replacement

    I'm having a problem on my mini-loader. Seems like it is operating like its stuck on 'turtle' mode, rather than normal 'rabbit' mode. The technical support pointed toward a cartridge valve replacement and poppet valve replacement. I have no knowledge of such things, specifically, but do have...
  19. SeanKroll

    Log arches

    I'm going to be picking up a Logrite Buck Arch from a customer, with some/all the add-ons, for under $600, 3 miles down the road. They have an FSC tree farm. They might be retiring from the work, or just have done all the thinning they can handle...
  20. SeanKroll

    Negative blocking how-to training videos for groundman education??

    Anyone know of some good overviews with fine points, in a How-to-ish video? Links please.
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