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  1. Steve Mack

    Vermeer BC700XL Chipper.

    Anyone tried on of these yet? My chipper is still in Sydney and I needed one yesterday so I hired on of these, unfortunatly I didn't run it before I got to the job. Started up ok but the feed roller wouldn't work...
  2. Steve Mack

    DIY Penetrating Oil.

    I've been trying to get a muffler off an old Kohler 25hp. Soaked the nuts for five days with various things and only got a couple to budge and I was a bit scared of breaking the studs, they were pretty rusty. A guy at Rayco where I bought the new gaskets told me to try Wurth Rost Off. While...
  3. Steve Mack

    Timber Motor Cycle.

    This is for sale here on ebay. I can't imagine the hours gone into this, it's not small.
  4. Steve Mack

    Shindawa Chainsaws

    Whoops, I forgot something. Dry Weight 3.4 kg Displacement 32.3 cc Output 1.4 kw or 1.9hp Bar Length 12" / 30 cm MS200T is 3.5kg with 14' bar and 1.6kw or 2.1hp [Specs seem to vary a bit but I think this is right.]
  5. Steve Mack

    Stihl MSA 200 C-BQ Cordless Chain Saw

    These don't seem to show up on the US Stihl site, anyone heard about them? "At times people require just that little bit more power to finish the job. The new MSA 200 C-BQ...
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