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  1. Porkbrick

    The morgan block

    this is a project morgan thompson and i have been working on ever since he showed me a prototype rigging tool he had made several years ago. the morgan block is an aerial friction rigging device. it is meant for light to medium duty rigging (750lbs swl) with a 1/2" rigging line. friction is...
  2. Porkbrick

    Has anyone tanned a snake skin?

    I’m looking for advice on tanning a large snake skin. So far it looks like a 50/50 mix of glycerin and rubbing alcohol is pretty popular. mon my first day of junior high school I bought myself a Colombian red tail boa. I ended up keeping her alive for 24 years by some miracle. She finally died...
  3. Porkbrick

    CPA's role, Bookkeeper's role, Business and Tax Avoidance strategies, Etc

    i think it can be declared for 2016 seeing as i haven't taken it yet. im going to have to form a corp and keep the money there so as not to mix in personal income. gofundme apparently doesnt 1099 unless you get over $20000 AND over 200 individuals donating, so, depending on how your campaign is...
  4. Porkbrick

    This is the Akimbo

    those of you who know me may know that im never content with using stuff off the shelf as it were. im compelled to modify or make my own. this is my attempt at a mechanical srt device. as of now ive only made them by hand in my woodshop. still a lot of testing to do and some details to sort out...
  5. Porkbrick

    SRT uses for quick links

    i recently discovered that steel quick links have a ton of potential as SRT redirects. <iframe width="854" height="510" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  6. Porkbrick

    Official Rec Climbing Pictures

    I dont think there is a thread dedicated to rec climbing pics. i feel like they could use their own. ill start it off... For Natasha's birthday she said she wanted to climb a redwood. found this grove north of boulder creek. measured out a almost exactly 200'. fun had by all! i have a whole...
  7. Porkbrick

    OAR hybrid

    Gordon, aka Surveyor, has been kind enough to let me tinker with his OAR design. this is what i came up with. ps.. i totally didn't think about the case on my phone muffling the audio:|:, so enjoy the relaxing sounds of spring intead:D. <iframe width="640" height="360"...
  8. Porkbrick

    liability waivers for rec climbing

    i recently got permission from my neighbor to climb their awesome huge bay laurel. i offered to give them a signed liability waiver as the property owners. I'm wondering if any of you all have done similar and if anyone has a good waiver form for such a thing.
  9. Porkbrick

    Crane accident in my home town

    i heard about this on Wednesday night. apparently it is the same crane co that laid one over on a house in santa rosa last year, AND the same co that had one of their employees die in a traffic accident involving a crane on i680 some years ago. i dont know if the guy made it, didnt sound too...
  10. Porkbrick

    my dirt bag cabin

    i have some acres in the mountains of santa cruz. ive been wanting to build a cabin up there for a long time and after clearing, thinning, rebuilding roads, building an outhouse (not totally finished, but functional), and a small pole cabin/kitchen, i finally started on it this spring. it is a...
  11. Porkbrick

    camping our way back from portland

    looking for some suggestions from you all on cool camping spots to stop at on the way back from Portland to eureka. im not real familiar with Oregon in general, been up the coast a few times and found it quite beautiful. actually, while im at it, when i was a kid my step dad took me to a beach...
  12. Porkbrick

    Rocket Stove

    thought id take these out of the random vid thread. there are quite a few interesting you tube vids on rocket stoves besides mine. some of the full sized built-in units with heated benches/floors are really cool, not to mention pizza ovens and camping stoves. part 1 <object style="height...
  13. Porkbrick

    whats wrong with this oak?

    this is a big coast live oak on a clients property. im posting this mostly cause my boss is adamant about the cause of its decline and i disagree. wondering what you all think. i know its hard to say from pictures. there is an extensive lawn starting about 15 feet to the left in the pics and i...
  14. Porkbrick

    cool things to do with woodchip and waste wood

    I am enthralled by the idea of using the wood chip and wood we produce for something cool and constructive. co-generation and composting are obvious uses. mulching, soil amending etc are cool, but I'm thinking it would be cool to hear some more out there ideas. as soon as I'm over this crud...
  15. Porkbrick

    Rope Grab

    sooo... ive got this idea in my head... but i need a ropegrab to molest in order to see if the idea will translate into the real world. it need not be fully functional as i will be modifying it. anyone have one laying around they dont mind letting loose of?
  16. Porkbrick

    The Mushroom Hunting Thread

    any other mycophiles around here? i know you guys in the snow dont have much action right now, but here in nor cal the season is just getting started. post some pics! ill start with these from today.
  17. Porkbrick


    Now, i know there's just about no way any of y'all have a GRCS you are willing to part with, but i thought id throw this out there before i pull the trigger just in case. cheers. jaime
  18. Porkbrick

    I've had it! I'm making my Own Climbing Harness!

    i've climbed on the weaver leg strap old school, the butterfly, the tree flex, the tree motion, and now the nikosi. i like parts of them all, but none fit me right without some modifications. sooo... i'm going to build my own from the ground up. i've already got a prototype that ive been fooling...
  19. Porkbrick

    butterfly II wanted for parts

    any one have a butterfly to part with? i want the dee rings and buckles. just a shot in the dark to see if any of yall have an old one thats not climbable anymore. thanks. jaime
  20. Porkbrick

    looking to hire sales person

    the company i work for (nature first tree care) is looking to hire a sales person to work out of the san jose area. i thought id post it here and see if any of yall are interested or know someone. here is the description as given to me; LANDSCAPE AND TREE CARE SALES Do you like to sell? Are...
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