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  1. lxskllr

    How'd it go today?

    LoL Jed! That wedge looked like it came out of nowhere. I guess it was buried in the kerf?
  2. lxskllr

    Is it just me?

    I carry a 3' prusik(6' straight) in my belt loops for work. I don't use it often, but when I need it, it really comes in handy. I keep it clipped with a toy biner. Weighs almost nothing, and stays out of the way, so it's worth carrying.
  3. lxskllr

    Sanford Florida

    Sorry to hear about the wife Gary. Hope she's at 100% shortly. At least the trees on the hit list are only gums. I like most trees, but those are pretty low on my list. Makes them easier to remove.
  4. lxskllr

    Tell me what I don't know about limbing a dead tree.

    You could use a paracord link as a breakaway. My whole lanyard is paracord, but I think I'm gonna change it to something bigger with paracord attachments. I have small gauge paracord daisychained for a better grip. It hasn't given me problems yet, but the loops could cause snagging on branches...
  5. lxskllr

    September 13 2018

    Sounds like a prescription for gin & tonics.
  6. lxskllr

    What Are You Drinking Tonight?

    I particularly like frog snacks. Makes me laugh every time I see it :^D
  7. lxskllr

    Is it just me?

    A good knife, a way to make fire, and a supply of tobacco is all I need. Throw some MREs and canned fish in the bag, and I'm ready to go. Oh, and paracord. It's the duct tape of the outdoors.
  8. lxskllr

    Tell me what I don't know about limbing a dead tree.

    I've been thinking about that video since I got up this morning. It almost seems like an intentional troll. How can someone do something so poorly, and then half ass teach it to other people? It's especially bad cause his name presumably carries some weight as a knowledgeable tool worker...
  9. lxskllr

    What kind of spurs is he using in this vid?

    That looks like spikes Butch linked awhile ago. Weird claw things that looked like ankle busters. edit: those are different than the ones Butch linked. edit2: Here's the ones Butch found... Same idea, but worse. Both look like...
  10. lxskllr

    The Official Random Video Thread!

  11. lxskllr

    Tell me what I don't know about limbing a dead tree.

    What's happening in that video?! It looks like he awkwardly makes three F'd up cuts, and the tree falls sideways?!
  12. lxskllr

    O.C.G.D. Thread, part two

    What do you use all those biners for Gary; Speedline?
  13. lxskllr

    Favorite piece of Equipment, you work with.

    For tree work, it's my echo 2511t. For surveying work, it's Terence my war axe... Why's it named Terence? All war axes need a name, and Terence is a hilarious name for a war axe :^P I found it looking for a control point ~20 years ago. Got a hit with the metal detector, dug down, and found...
  14. lxskllr

    What Are You Drinking Tonight?

    Not showing up for you? I have it linked on It's Highland Park 12yr, Viking Honour. edit: Here it is attached...
  15. lxskllr

    What Are You Drinking Tonight?

    I got this a couple years ago after being away for years. I was kinda disappointed at first, but it's grown on me. They got a new master distiller in the intervening years, and he's really ramped up the smoke, and cut the sweetness a bit. It's now kind of an Islay light, whereas before it was...
  16. lxskllr

    What is the little bug and my mini avatar

    Someone here(Blue?) has an animated avatar of a bug walking around. Could that be what you're seeing?
  17. lxskllr

    Tree felling vids

    Both lanyards side by side? If so, that seems to complicate things without adding much to the safety factor. It would help protect against gear failure I guess, but something like a saw cut would likely get both lanyards. I was trying to work something out that would kind of trail below me at a...
  18. lxskllr

    Tree felling vids

    What do you all use for a second tie in? So far, I only use a single, with another lanyard as backup when I need to unclip for some reason, but only one is in action at any point. I've contemplated a second tie in, but wasn't sure exactly how to go about it.
  19. lxskllr

    Tell me what I don't know about limbing a dead tree.

    I don't know nothin' bout nothin', but maybe treat it like a hard leaning tree, and cut like you would to prevent a barberchair. There's a thread right below that might give you ideas. Those are pretty beefy limbs. I guess they're dead enough to not be able to take the strain of cutting.
  20. lxskllr

    What Are You Drinking Tonight?

    I like seltzer water a lot, both flavored and unflavored, and I particularly like this cola flavor. I'd love to see them release a rootbeer. I like the flavor of soda, but I lost my taste for the sugar a bunch of years ago. Seltzer kinda fills the gap. One I miss is Strathmore orange from...
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