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  1. lumberjack

    Sony A7Riv and Sony A9ii Camera Bodies for Sale

    I don't know that anyone here would be overly interested, but figured I'd post it here so I could point potential buyers to the forum. The A7Riv is $2500, the A9ii is $3500. Both include 2x 128GB UHSii Sandisk Extreme Pro memory cards each.
  2. lumberjack

    Lumberjack’s Photography

    Figured I'd start a thread about my photography given its (sometimes) random nature and not wanting to pounce on someone else's thread. Yesterday a friend of mine (a baker) sent me these pictures, on one they cut off the mixer, on the other they cut off the message board. They wanted to know...
  3. lumberjack

    Masterblaster aka Butch Ballowe III

    Born 5-22-56 Died 3-9-20 Let's fill this thread with the memories of Butch's journey.
  4. lumberjack

    Nifty Lift!

    I have SD64s in stock at great prices, and there's still time to get the purchase done on the 2016 books! I also have a 2006 F250, 2013 F550, and a new Terex TSL200/PT30 for sale!
  5. lumberjack

    Nifty Lift SD50 and SD64s!

    Compact Equipment Store is running a sale on Nifty SD64s! $92,950 with the usual set of 24" DICA outrigger pads AND FREE DELIVERY within 1k miles! Here's one that left this Monday headed to Brett (Mr Sir from times past) down in Florida! <iframe width="560" height="315"...
  6. lumberjack

    2015 Nifty SD64 4x4x4

    Listing my personal unit for sale while there is warranty remaining. It has ~115 hours on it currently. I'll buy another and keep rocking the SD64. $86,500. <iframe width="560" height="315" src=""...
  7. lumberjack

    Giant Compact Articulated Loaders

    The new brand is Giant. Dave, Dustin, and I went to Holland/The Netherlands back in September to check out Giant's facilities and to see if we couldn't get compact articulating wheel loaders that would fit through a 3' gate. We've asked Avant since the beginning to make a loader that would fit...
  8. lumberjack

    Terex TSL200 Compact Track Loader

    Here's the newest machine we've got in stock. It's an interesting contender between a mini skid and a full size track loader with low turf damage qualities like a compact wheel loader (Gehl/Avant). I'm waiting for the BMG to get in stock and we'll get on some work videos! I may also shoot a...
  9. lumberjack

    Terex TSG 538 Stump Grinder

    Check out the Terex TSG538 stump grinder! We should break 100 hours on ours by the end of next week. This stump grinder is an affordably priced money maker! For a limited time, get yours for $17,000 DELIVERED to a business address (with a forklift to unload) anywhere in the Continental US...
  10. lumberjack

    4 Go Pros and Accessories

    I bought these Hero 3 Black Go Pros back in 2012 mainly for filming equipment working. I modified the case to be able to run external power into the cameras for longer recording times. I'm selling these to buy another Cannon (at this point) like the camera I'm using now. Longer battery life...
  11. lumberjack

    Hot deal! New Terex TAC730 with Winch in NJ!

    I have a deal on ONE new Terex TAC730 chipper with a Kubota diesel. This chipper has a winch, height adjustable discharge chute, tool box, and lexan tail light covers. The chipper is located in New Jersey. The price is $33,000. I have two more 730s in stock, without a winch is $31k, $34k...
  12. lumberjack

    Still 362 Fuel Issue

    I have a MS362 that was running funny today. It's not the saw I normally use (usually straight from the climbing saw to the 660). It didn't want to run all that well, acting like it was going lean (stumbling/stalling) when going from idle to WOT. I noticed when I removed the fuel cap that...
  13. lumberjack

    Branch Manager 38 Special Stump Grinder Owners

    I have a potential customer that would like to talk to some current owners of the 38 Special. If you don't mind being a reference for the product/myself, please shoot me a PM (or post here) with your contact info to forward him. Also, if you'd like to make this thread a reference point for...
  14. lumberjack

    Nifty Lift/Compact Equipment Store

    Compact Equipment LLC/I am Nifty Lift's newest dealer. Before I became a dealer, I bought a SD64 from another dealer (paid regular street price) for Rutherford Contracting LLC (RC, my working company). I have a SD50 and SD64 on order, they should be here in 1 and 3 months...
  15. lumberjack

    Two Terex TAC 730 Chippers and Avant 420 Demo Unit

    Terex 13" chippers and an Avant 420 demo unit for sale! <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  16. lumberjack

    Like New Wraptor for Sale, $2k shipped.

    I bought this unit new from Paul and rode it the first time 8/25/2014. Aside from breaking it in (no load per Paul's instructions), and running it out of fuel for storage, I've only used it on 5 trees that I remember, far less than half a tank burned. My climber (treesmith) has a Wraptor and I...
  17. lumberjack

    2015 Terex TAC730 Chipper, 2 Available! Free shipping if you act quick!

    Copy/paste from my posts on Facebook. $31,000 — Columbus, MS or Free Delivery as specified in the pictures. Delivery available anywhere in the US! Brand new (Picking up at the factory Tuesday!), Terex 730 chipper with 74.5hp Kubota diesel. 13"x18" throat. I have a winch kit on order which...
  18. lumberjack

    Carlton 7015TRX

  19. lumberjack

    BMG Sale!

    Limited time BMG sale!
  20. lumberjack

    New Terex TAC 720, $23.5k while they last!

    There are a couple of these left. $23.5k, plus shipping! Factory financing available offering payments as low as $~455/month with NOTHING down! ~$5k down drops the payment by around $100/month! Non rotating chute, standard autofeed (non reversing), no lift/crush cylinder, and a manual vs...
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