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  1. lxskllr

    Songs I Like

    #2. I think the guy was more suited to the song, and the dual lead solo was a nice change of pace. First group did very well also, but the girl sounds more like a blues singer. I don't think the material suited her.
  2. lxskllr

    Springboards -- these DYI or standard design ??

    From the bible... Looks like yours was made from a leafspring.
  3. lxskllr

    How'd it go today?

    Are you including WoodlandPro in that? That was my intended purchase. I have them on all my small saws(mostly echo), and I like them better than the stock bars. I have three of them now, and no flaws I've seen. I've never used their bigger bars @ 3/8 pitch.
  4. lxskllr

    How'd it go today?

    Wasn't sure what was happening today. Boss was doing whatever, and that took up my time, so I couldn't do much useful. The threat of work was there, but it was up in the air. I don't care much either way, but it's good to know so I can plan something. That gnarly birch I was talking about...
  5. lxskllr

    How'd it go today?

    Y'all need a remedial troubleshooting class. Big noisy thing that eats and spews wood quit spewing wood, Soon after quit eating. What do?!?! :^D Highlight of the day happened this morning with my tree. Boring, uneventful day otherwise. I did get a snus shipment, but that was mostly a paranoia...
  6. lxskllr

    Hazard tree removal...old school.

    Very interesting. Looks like that first tree is ~24"DBH? About how long did it take to get on the ground once the saw hit wood?
  7. lxskllr

    How'd it go today?

    Boss had a meeting this morning, so I went out and found my desk tree for the year... Good start to the day :^)
  8. lxskllr

    The Official Happy Birthday thread!!!

    Happy Birthday Dave!
  9. lxskllr

    How'd it go today?

    Looks good to me. I've never been fussy over field equipment. Functionality's more important than looks, and stuff's gonna get beat up. Takes too much time to keep a museum piece.
  10. lxskllr

    How'd it go today?

    A couple weeks in the cast?
  11. lxskllr

    How'd it go today?

    White pine has long soft needles, very fragrant when broken, and gets you sticky if you look at it too long. edit: Bummer about the arm, but he seems to be taking it well.
  12. lxskllr

    The Official Treehouse Articles Thread
  13. lxskllr

    The Official Treehouse Articles Thread

    Egyptian fruit bats argue a lot... They're /almost/ cute, but something about bats creeps me out. I think it's the skin wings. An image search for the lazy...
  14. lxskllr


    What do you use the quickies for? Been seeing them in TreeStuff's emails, and they look really cool, but I don't know what I'd do with them that couldn't be done with something I already have.
  15. lxskllr

    How'd it go today?

    Long shadows too. Really nice.
  16. lxskllr


    Back when I still had a Woodmans Pal machete, I'd use that with my Ontario in my other hand. I wouldn't consider it ambidextrous use, but one complimented the other, and could be used together. For maximum power, it was always the right handed Ontario that went into action.
  17. lxskllr


    That's an interesting approach Kevin, and I see the logic in it. I try to mix up my hands on a very basic level at work. Mostly to try to keep strength up in both arms, but I don't give it a lot of thought. I pull a saw over left handed. Cord's on the left, so it made sense to me to use my left...
  18. lxskllr

    O.C.G.D. Thread, part two

    How does a grinder react to metal; Wire, fence post(!)?
  19. lxskllr


    Since I'm newish, I'll ask why. Curious more than anything. Chances are good I'll never use a foot ascender unless it's required to extend my "career".
  20. lxskllr

    hinge pics

    I was thinking that too cory. Probably not a big deal for an amateur, but if you're hitting the woods every day with a crosscut and an axe, I'd think it wouldn't take much time to wear significant notches in the handle. I'd probably make something for the saw to ride on if I were doing it all...
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