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  1. treebilly

    Well, I finally tore into my 046

    No wonder she doesn’t run. Just for my curiosity, what compression will a saw still run on? Is 140 decent for a stock saw that is ten years old? My 660 is just below 140.
  2. treebilly

    Having a notion to finally purchase a grill/griddle combo I was looking at a black stone for over a year and was about to buy one when my wife showed me an ad from BJ’s. It’s got better reviews. Trying hard not to go shopping today but I might have to:D
  3. treebilly


    I was asked to splice a whoopie and a few ultra slings by someone today. Tenex is so easy but I have no official training. Also the company he works for supplies a very minimal amount of gear and says that all gear must be company supplied. The GF tells them they can bring in extra, just don’t...
  4. treebilly

    Hydraulic attachments?

    Where does everyone get their hydraulic pole saws and pruners at for their bucket trucks
  5. treebilly

    Email trouble

    Does anyone know how to retrieve a password when you can?t remember it or the time period you opened a gmail account. I can?t get my emails to my new phone and it?s only a matter of time till the old one dies completely. :X
  6. treebilly

    Basic rigging for a crew

    My general tasks at work seem to be growing. The company I'm working for has never been gear heavy. They have a lot of machinery but lacking in the gear. My boss was shocked when he opened my rope box last weekend to find only a 3/4"x200' and a 1/2"x200' bull rope. He called and asked what...
  7. treebilly

    255 XP. A few questions

    I'm going to look at one with 400 hours on it. Just wondering if there is anything really to look at. I'm not sure of the engine size or make yet. It's for my boss so I'm not the one putting the money down but I'd like to know what to check out. I know the obvious stuff like grease points and...
  8. treebilly

    Best cordless tools on the market?

    I'm looking to add a few cordless tools to my toolbox. A 1/2" impact and grease gun are on the top of my list. It seems to be between dewalt and Milwaukee. The dewalt 20v xr impact is pretty bad ass. I was looking to stay with rigid ( since I have 5 different tools of theirs) but their impact is...
  9. treebilly

    Is 404 obsolete?

    I've recently purchased an 088 with a 36" bar and chain. My local dealer doesn't even stock that size chain anymore, plus after a bit of searching found that they want way to much to order larger bars. I can buy canon bars for what they want. With my limited computer skills I can find very...
  10. treebilly

    Thank you Reg

    I just wanted to say thanks to Reg for taking the time to talk at the expo. We covered a bunch of topics in our half hour or so that we chatted. It was a honor for me to meet the man whose videos re sparked my interest in tree work. Reg you're the man
  11. treebilly

    Pittsburg. Who's gonna be there?

    Haven't heard much about it here so I was just curious who is planning on going. A guy at work told me he got an email saying the two closest hotels were full so we got to get our reservations. It's still two months out but I got to get planning. Hope to see you guys there and maybe have a beer...
  12. treebilly

    Tying off to a vehicle

    I just looked at a job for the RR and it entails clearing the trees off of an older bridge forty feet above a state route. The road will be closed so traffic isn't a problem. The grade from the tracks to the bridge sides is. It's almost cliff like. The top layer of soil is cinders from back in...
  13. treebilly

    Dielectric climbing helmet

    Just looking for some insight on climbing helmets that are suited for line clearance work. I'm not around power a lot but figure I should be wearing the right one when I am.
  14. treebilly

    Asking for advice on being asked for advice

    We got our Christmas bonuses this year with a questionnaire in the envelope to fill out. Basically rating certain things and asking if I'm willing to take on more responsibility, blah, blah, blah. At the end they want to know if I have any ideas to improve the company and promote company growth...
  15. treebilly

    Big broken cherry

    This is the emergency I got called out to this morningthe cherry is about 20" diameter where it broke off and is completely unattached. It's laying hard on the maple directly beside it and the top is into another maple that is tight to the house. Lots of ropes today. I'll try to get more pics...
  16. treebilly

    Tm splitter

    Just wondering if anybody has one and if so how do you like it. I'm really thinking about one after the last few days of being bent over rolling monster logs around to the splitter. Anything would be appreciated. Can't really find much info on them. Gonna call them Monday to see if I can get...
  17. treebilly

    Breaking in a new rope?

    I just recently switched to a hitch climber system from a standard split tail and am having problems getting my distel to hold. I'm using armorpruss on blue moon. Both new. I find myself having to put an extra wrap on top to keep it from sliding. Could my eye to eye be to long or just...
  18. treebilly

    Saw snaps or caritool?

    I've been looking to buy a new climbing saddle. I have recently borrowed the edge saddle from a co-worker and really like the feel and the price is right. I noticed that the empire saddle at tree stuff is identical minus the chain saw snaps. Would using caritools workout fine or should I get the...
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