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    6" Rayco Chipper, 93 Hours

    I'm here, just just not so much = it's hard type
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    O.C.G.D. Thread, part two

    Something tells me he comes from money
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    TreeHouse Tee Shirt Orders 2019

    You look just like my buddy Steve! His beard now is crazy-long and white and he's a lot balder and skinnier.
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    Im back

    What year, Jimbo?
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    Poulan 4900 carb question

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    Poulan 4900 carb question

    But you can look pretty in your shop!!!
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    Im back

    I'd pass on the out of date ones, but even those had some palatable choices! I never me a Snickers bar I couldn't force down! And usually those 4 cigs woulb be smokable. I wonder when they stopped that? I got out in 77 and they were still doing it, IIRC.
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    Im back

    Didn't mind mine one bit! It made our lunch last longer cuz we didn't need to seek out a galley.
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    How'd it go today?

    We try for the most part, but you gotta realize that hunting season has already started.
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    How'd it go today?

    But it's not unusual for treework this time of year. One Jan we worked 3 days, maybe 4 in Dec.
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    Im back

    But then, I'd want to NAP!!! So is that you, RiverRat? I can't friggin' tell.
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    How'd it go today?

    Twenty ain't so bad!
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    The Joke/Funny Pic/Video Thread

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    Kyles redneck builds/ ideas

    They both (and others) have their places.
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    Songs I Like

    Sound like the Cranberries.