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    Video slam with Jed

    90° is the optimistic high end of the range, with ~45° being the upper end of typical, no?
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    The Official Random Video Thread!

    I hate when buffalo fight in the front yard :^P
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    Songs I Like

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    What Did Ya'll Have For Dinner Tonight?

    I think that might be the most enthusiastic account of McDonalds I've ever read :^D McChickens I get sans mayo, and ask for a pack of hot picante for it. Same with McNuggets. Hot picante sauce on them.
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    Cakes? Let’s see them!

    Is she a professional? Fantastic work on the cakes.
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    Video slam with Jed

    Perhaps that's not the place to use a triple? In my head, it's more a specialist cut. I think domino falling is frowned upon, at least from "official" sources, but my visualizing of your setup(may be wildly different than yours) would say perhaps a triple hinge on the missile tree to hold it...
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    The RIP Thread...

    Also Ellis Marsalis Jr. covid-19 again...
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    The RIP Thread...

    Jazz guitarist Bucky Pizzarelli from covid-19. He was old, and had other health problems, but still...
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    Video slam with Jed

    Welcome Spanky! I wish a video could keep me level and not bypassing my cuts! :^D Good video in any case, and another fine stump by Jed. Bonus epic beard from Chad :^D
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    The Official Work Pictures Thread

    That's a good looking beech. They're one of my favorite trees.
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    Official Guns Thread

    That looks like my shotty Brian. Got it back in the 80s, but never used it much. I never had the property to shoot on, and didn't make the time to travel to one I could.
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    The Official Random Video Thread!

    Even cheaper than buying graphite powder(since you'll use it once and lose the bottle :^P ), is file a pencil lead, blow some in the keyhole, and put some on the key. As long as the lock isn't mechanically broken, it'll feel better than new.
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    How'd it go today?

    True enough. I liked my old Poulan(my first saw). It didn't owe me a thing when it died. Started easily, ran great, and had decent power. I think it died due to my neglect. I'd pack it away with corn gas in the tank, and might not touch it again for a year. Only problem is no av, so my fingers...
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    How'd it go today?

    Same. Worked for four hours, then spent another three-four cutting and splitting wood on the farm at work. I don't need wood, but I've been taking the cherry home cause I especially like cherry. Figured I'd fill my front porch(1-1.5 cord), then finish the burning season with the wood I already...
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    Animated GIF Thread 2019

    Good way to troll cops. Is it a motor vehicle? Garden equipment? It's not a tractor. It would be interesting to take that to court to see what you could get away with :^D
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