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    The Official Happy Birthday thread!!!

    Happy belated, Rich @treebilly & Rich @biggun !
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    John, the family and I spent a few days there the end of August, as we used to go almost every year for a decade. Spoke to quite a few down there, and your assumptions are correct: many will bail early this year, especially since all the big events/conventions have been cancelled.
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    Aerial Friction Brake?

    Bump. So I bought the AFB when TS had a sale almost 2 yrs. ago, but after reading and watching other vids/reviews, saw that I would only need it for the right scenarios. Well finally ran into that scenario: lopsided maple prune w/20-30ft limbs about 30-40ft up, most leaning towards the house...
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    CHIPPERzzz 'n' miniEZs repair, rebuild, performance, theory and safety

    Exactly, Sean. I'm in mostly wealthy suburbia, and most here don't want the chips when I'm done. They are the easiest/cheapest to dispose of, so that is factored into job prices. And I've got my mini now, which is helping to move the big wood I deal with on many jobs faster/easier to my dump...
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    SBA COVID-19 Disaster Loan

    @SeanKroll kroll Start here Sean: Small Business Administration -
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    CHIPPERzzz 'n' miniEZs repair, rebuild, performance, theory and safety

    The Morbark 1621 is the former M15RX, 16" wide by 20.5" high throat opening, drum style chipper: The operating RPM set at the factory was 2200 RPM, and the autofeed will stop/reverse when it goes down to 1850 rpm (adjustable from...
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    CHIPPERzzz 'n' miniEZs repair, rebuild, performance, theory and safety

    Well, my Morbark 1621 has been nothing but a home run so far. Perkins 122.5 HP inline 4 diesel to boot..... :big9:
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    How'd it go today?

    From the ground; threw a rope around the top of it (~40ft. up). Tree was about 38" DBH and more than 2/3 hollowed out. Pulled it w/the Maasdam, as the face cut/hinge were a little dicey.
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    How'd it go today?

    It was yesterday, but got back up that skinny POS I slid out of on Monday and slayed it; then did the 75+' beech next to it, and finished toppling an old hollow tulip stick. Got to bill everything out and somewhat relax this weekend.
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    How'd it go today?

    Got back in the air today after Monday's mishap. Two dead birches, one similar to the one I slid out of, the other a half punky, 70 ft. twin stemmer. Climbed up halfway in each and topped, then chunked down the stems to manageable drops (condo work again, small drop zone). Went a little slower...
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    How'd it go today?

    Well, having done this work for the last 3 years on and off, it was bound to finally happen; I slipped/fell!!!!....😯😯😯 First the vitals, I'm okay. Slid down a skinny spar about 30 ft. I was spiking, folded over and smacked my head. Had the helmet on (of course), but still got knocked...
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    Spikes , different route ankle strap ...

    I used the wrap-around method as recommended by treeboi4life here on my steel Bucks: The only problem was the gaffs would come loose on the bottom of my Timberlands (especially the left one). Removed the wrap and all's well now.
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    Max bar length for a MS461

    My 461R came with a 25" bar, and I got the Stihl 36" ES Light bar for the bigger trees/rounds. The 36" is at the top end of it's capability, and i only run it w/half or full skip chain, and the oiler set just south of max.
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    The Official Happy Birthday thread!!!

    Happy B'Day D!
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    Extending Ds On Saddle

    John, you (like me) like sticking w/the tried and true basic gear (I'm still climbing on my Weaver WLC-160 saddle; I have 2new saddles that have only been tried once; will make the move one day). That being said, when looking at reviews from others for replacing bridges for the Liger mod for the...
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