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Thread: How'd it go today?

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    Good work, doc.
    Mastery is an illusion, grace a momentary gift, apprenticeship endless.

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    Jim I'm glad she's ok. I'm also hoping that the scene when Mongo punches the horse (Blazing Saddles) didn't happen to the calf.
    Slept for almost 12 hours last night and my lower back decided to give me fits all day today. I've been pounding down water all day hoping I'm just a bit dehydrated. I did manage to get a few things done though. Dropped most of my personal saws off at a good friend's house to be gone through and given a couple of tweaks. I also managed to tear apart one of the four wheelers and almost have it back together. I was hoping for a decent week but got a call saying that I was gonna be sent out to help out another company that doesn't appear to be able to make their deadline. A few days of hustle for my boss and a few more days doing a favor for the gas company. Friday is my last day for this years big push. I'm disappearing with the family for an extended weekend after that. I need the break.

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