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I have read a lot about QTRA over the years & it only has one feature that I like & that it makes any decision you make legally defensible. No bad thing, but I feel it does limit personal opinion in it's application- I am on the fence about it to be honest.
Yeah, I can understand that. I'm not totally sold just yet.
The section dealing with Probability of Failure is the area where personal knowledge of the trees you deal with comes into it, your understanding of how they grow, how they fail, what defects they can manage, how they respond to pruning, how different decay organisms affect it, local knowledge of wind and weather...that's where the more subjective input is.
I'm still absorbing it all, and I think it has different levels of application in different circumstances. But it is certainly giving me a new way of looking at tree defects and how to deal with them in relation to actual risk of harm.