Alex and I did a job last week...removed a 60' sourwood for a a line drop by the power company, bombed most of it and got it all down...then Alex told the owner he could call the power company to re-attach the line. Then the owner did an add-on asked us to take down a maple near the house...took a bit of rigging on a leaning lead then only had the other 50 foot lead to drop. As I got set up in the last lead I heard the power company truck enter the neighborhood. The top was ready to throw in the precise area where the line was fixing to get raised up again. I checked ropes, tie-in, noted Alex had a good pull on the top and made my backcut. Top went where I wanted it...except as it fell I then saw the 650 on the first stump we had left to cut. We had not had time to completely clean all the other tree debris so the DZ was a bit cluttered.

In all the rush to throw that top before the power company started their work the 650 got left in the DZ. It's a pretty bad feeling to see a top headed towards the DZ and then realize the DZ isn't clear. So...there's my confession. Both of us missed it.

Now, here's the question: Alex took the saw to our Ace Stihl dealer. The damage didn't look too bad. A cracked plastic case and the trigger assembly broken was all we could see...we thought we may have gotten lucky (I saw the bar flex badly when the saw got hit...the dealer said the bar is fine, straight as can be...I guess they have a "memory" and can flex and then go back straight again).

Dealer says the saw needs a new cylinder...that 3 of the cooling fins are broken and if we run it like it is that it may overheat. The repair will be $560....$270 of that is the cylinder/piston assembly. Alex looked online and found cylinder/piston assembly starting at $70 on ebay and $120 at Bailey's.

So....I am wondering if I need to get one of our TreeHouse saw gurus to rebuild this saw for me...or just run it with broken fins...if it does seize up I could get it rebuilt then.

Or is this a good time to get it modded? We don't use it often..usually just to cut a big stump or for final felling of a large spar.

I am open to suggestions.