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Thread: gotta get this one off my chest

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    Originally Posted by squisher
    "I appreciate the response Daniel. Am curious still why you nipped the sapwood. What where your thoughts/reasons for doing it?"

    Quote Originally Posted by squisher View Post
    It's going to become my new sig line I think?
    "Like". I'm all for it.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Skwerl2 View Post
    No response on the poorly sharpened saw cutting crooked?
    Finally got a chance to taker a look at that chain yesterday... BIG difference from one side to the other in length of teeth, and it was still cutting pretty straight so though I didn't take a close look at the rakers, it pretty much has to be as you thought... someone must have adjusted the rakers to the difference in the cutters... I put 9 strokes on each raker on both sides, then tried to take the long side of the the cutters back more than the short to even it up a little, but it was still way off.. started cutting pretty choppy, especially on the plunge cuts... but still cutting fairly straight, so I probably took too much off the rakers.. I might give it one more go with the files, but will probably just throw that chain away

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