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Thread: Guying a big log

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    Nice job and very good camera work .

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    Quote Originally Posted by RegC View Post
    I had 2 × 3/4 lines and I x 5/8. Yale, Samson and Teufelberger....all pretty stretchy.
    Fun to watch.. the size of that tree made those lines look like 1/2".... best gem on the video is sharing the customer service ethic.... It keeps the phone ringing!

    An important note is is the DZ was level with the stump across the side of the hill... ground took the major impact and there was very little force directed down the hill thereafter, relative to the amount of force that can be generated when the fall is gunned even slightly downhill.

    We don't deal with those kind of grades on the east coast (THANK GOD)..... I have set up crossed padding logs on a hill to "change the grade" of the dz and make it point uphill with some success, but not on anything that big or a grade that steep... that's one difference between suburban tree work and logging that is an important distinction. the sheer mass of the tree loggers deal with, and the forces they generate during falling, change the rules of the game significantly.

    Great vid!

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