Wrist power's crucial to climbing arborists n bucketboys alike, and decades spent going at it full bore commercially can take it's toll IME.

It was only after three decades that I began using a speedline strap n biner on awkward wrist twisting branches I intended to cut n chuck, letting the nylon take the beating, not the tendons n cartilages in my wrist.

Which led to the idea of pistol grip device, with a ratcheting spool of nylon cord rated at 200 lb test, with a bladed trigger assembly that cuts only the knotted end of the cord off, releasing the load over the DZ, once the trigger's cocked n pulled.

Actually dual triggers'd be better for situations where taking a wrap or two's necessary, and cutting both ends of the cord in unison's a must for a clean release.

Does that make any sense to any of you old foggy climbers?

Yet another 07 project to tinker with...