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Thread: This is the Akimbo

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    It's pretty adjustable.

    I think 11mm is the small end of the spectrum... and 11.7 or 12mm is the upper limit.

    I dunno, it's money for me.
    I love it. I don't use it in pitch cause I'm too lazy to clean it.
    I use blaze and the blue kernmantle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by biggun View Post
    ....I didn't have the time to delve further and start messing...third day of hard climbs in a fairly hot weather spell. I did t drink enough,... and my head was spinning.....
    Yeah, you gotta watch that hot and dehydrated stuff. It must have been your condition because no friction device i have used is faster or easier to adjust. That is not saying that you will be able to find the sweet spot quickly, just that it is easy to make adjustments.

    Mine runs smooth as can be on 11.7mm Yale Aztec. 11mm is too small in my opinion. Skinny rope goes from great to crap too easily with little noticeable changes.

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    I know about the full adjustability of the device as I have climbed a fair bit on it.

    Of the ropes I have tried the htp was the only one I managed to get it to operate to a remotely acceptable level. Maybe, my levels and expectations are too high.

    I work as a contract climber and really need something to just get on with the job and get climbing. I have said it before, I have had it running sweet one day only to not operate correctly the day after.

    I don't climb on the Yale family of ropes as they are far too bouncy IME due to changes made for CE marking.

    I have tried it in Cougar Blue/ Orange, Kernmaster and the htp.

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    I don't use it in pitch cause I'm too lazy to clean it.
    I tried it in pitch, dead wooding a Cedrus atlantica, and it's definitively not a matter of a cleaning lazyness.
    The Akimbo absolutely hates the pitch, as Porbrick says in the instructions. It's the onliest downside I've found for the moment.

    Basically, you can manage to come up by pushing on the Pantin, but never come down. It becomes really locked on the rope, even fully collapsed and down rotated to straighten the rope. In SRT, my weight helped a little to force the rope "sliding" step by step, but in DdRT, no way, it was really stuck.
    Put the Pantin on, take out the weight off the Akimbo, free the cams, take some slack, put the weight back on it, remove the Pantin ...
    The final descent was a bit time consuming !

    But still, I love it.

    Oh! and the rope is an Argiope purple, 12,1 mm, a tinny tad over the max allowed (12 mm).

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