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Thread: Official Jobber Thread

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    I would like it to be able to print on the proposal directly, and/ or be able to note that by signing the paper or electronically, they agree to the T & C in a file name "terms&conditions.pdf".

    Recently, I was to 'grind to grade' (I went below the soil level by inches, by digging loose soil/ rocks around the stump). The guy wants the grind to have matched his future project that I'm not involved in. He wants to bury the remaining stump core. Naturally, by digging below grade, and grinding more, there is a 'new soil level' where the top of the ground stump core is. Its absolutely to the new grade (created by grinding), but its not low enough, in his mind.

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    You can go settings>quotes>open pdf config> contract disclaimer message

    wow, sounds like a pita.

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